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  • Hmm... I don't think I saw the D-link bar when they part showed up. It seems like you have to use different attacks while you're using the thing, so it's different from just fighting on the ground.
    Ooh, I liked that bit too. I hope it's not a one-way ride on those things though. I'd hate to be vying for 100% and miss the one item in that one world and not be able to go back.
    Hmm? *racks brain for a moment* Oh! HI! Umm, I've been good. Chilly though.

    I like how Even foreshadowed what was to come by saying to Ven, "I have the feeling I'll be involved with your future." Or something close to that. Also, Mickey riding the book gave me an idea on how he met Ansem the Wise. :3

    lolz its ok XD
    also when posting on threads, dont double post or you will get in trouble
    dont be :D
    you might be new here but people are asshole's sometimes and will flame you alot and posting alot of threads will probably get you ban...

    post atleast 2 threads a day, but be sure to use good topic and do research before just to be safe... trust me I got ban a while ago XD

    so how are you?
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