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Recent content by Esso

  1. Esso

    RED ASH-The Indelible Legend KS Campaign (By former Megaman Legends Staff)

    ​ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/red-ash-the-indelible-legend bb3O0J4hxo0 There's also a seperate KS campaign for an animation project if anyone's interested: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/red-ash-magicicada-by-studio4c As cool as this looks, I really wish...
  2. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Parasyte -the maxim-

    ​ For legal streaming:Crunchyroll - Parasyte -the maxim- Full episodes streaming online for free This week's episode should be available to free users by this upcoming Wednesday. Seriously though, any seinen fan who hasn't seen the first episode really owes it to themselves to check it out ASAP...
  3. Esso

    Sci-Fi RPGs anyone?

    So thing is, I've really grown out of the whole fantasy RPGs with knights, demons, and wizards throwing magical fireballs, and would like to broaden my horizons when it comes to RPGs, and start with the sci-fi part. The most experience I've had with this would be Phantasy Star Portable 1 &...
  4. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Japanese Gov. Launches "Manga/Anime Guardians Project"(may suck for you if you read off scanlations)

    Japanese Gov. Launches "Manga/Anime Guardians Project"(may suck for you if you read off scanlations) Anime Production Companies, Manga Publishers Crack Down on Piracy - News - Anime News Network Crunchyroll - Details of Japanese Government's "Manga-Anime Guardians Project" As much as I support...
  5. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Ajin: Demi-Human (Somehow I'm noticing a little dash of Jojo here)

    I gotta say this is really turning out to be one of the best titles on Crunchyroll's manga catalog so far IMO. What I'm really enjoying most about this series is mostly the setting where the concept of a Demi-Human's immortality are explored and branch out into so many more concepts, bringing...
  6. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Is there anything that you hope gets licensed?

    Have you come across a series that made you think along the lines of 'Man, I'd totally love to legally own my own physical (or digital) copy for this when I can!' But then you find out that for the moment that it's not available in your own language yet. Yes, yes, I'm fully aware that you can...
  7. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Nisekoi gets animu by SHAFT and Akiyuki Shinbo

    Bakemonogatari Director Shinbo, SHAFT Make Nisekoi TV Anime - News - Anime News Network I'd strongly recommend skipping the summary they gove in this article and on MyAnimeList(MAL) since it's pretty spoilerish on later events. While the main plot of the manga right now may be a bit slow for...
  8. Esso

    Marluxia was originally a girl

    Re: Marluxia was originally a girl. I think Axel would've been pretty okay as a female too. "Got it memorized?" with a wink added would be pretty stellar as a female, especially with Axel's personality.
  9. Esso

    Marluxia was originally a girl

    Re: Marluxia was originally a girl. Agreed. Kinda hoping that some new main heroine(s) gets introduced to help out in that area. But yeah, Marluxia would still be the same as he is despite a genderbend probably, and still awesome.
  10. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Recently dropped series

    After seeing this kind of thread in another forum, I figured why not give it a go here. Valvrave the Liberator: As much as I like the mech designs, I can't come to like the characters as much. Yumekui Merry: Just couldn't stand it anymore by episode 12, so I decided to just read the manga and...
  11. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► What would you like to see get adapted into anime?

    Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while, but something usually came up and never got it. Or you could say I was procrastinating again... Anyway like the title implies, have you ever come across a manga series (or those light novels despite that the number of people here who read...
  12. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Iris Zero

    A pretty stellar slice-of-life series if you ask me. May have some deep themes but tries its best from being depressing. Interesting to see how being normal makes the protagonist unique from everyone else too instead of the other way around, and he's got some good intuition as well. Anyone whose...
  13. Esso

    Anime/Manga ► Fate/Zero

    Anyone else watching this awesome series? It's animated by ufotable(Kara no Kyoukai) and the story done by Gen Urobochi(Madoka Magica)The second half of it will be airing in Spring April 7, 2012. I haven't watched Fate stay night or played the visual novel yet but it doesn't seem to be that...
  14. Esso

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    Re: Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly Awesome scans. Just realized I hadn't thought about the possibilities of Phoebus showing up in KH3D these last few days. I'm really digging the other designs of the Dream Eaters too.
  15. Esso

    New 3D Screenshots From Famitsu

    I got a feeling this may be one of my favorite bosses of the game lol Other than that, my favorite screenshots are the ones that include Riku (Sora's cool but Riku gets 1st place on my list). Seriously gotta get myself a 3DS soon.