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  • 3 years later....HAHAHAHAHA! No, I kid, I kid.

    Yeahhhhhhh random message! Okay bye hahahaha. Love you like a sis. <3
    Here is your Avvy ^^

    Did you get my PM? Just wondering. ^_^
    I did send a VM to Neglect but I'm probably gonna try and PM too although he's been gone since December. :/
    Oh yeah, same here although it's with college.

    Ah I see. I heard of it....what kind of movie is that? Hey can you inform me sometime if the RP gets anymore member and I'm not around to check, that'd be great, thanks! :)
    That would explain why my viris thing keeps going off... its really annoying... but ah well, nothing I can do about it. So, How have you been lately??
    Hey! sorry for the delay... my computer keeps shutting down on this website for some odd reason =/ Oh! I know this is nieve but what is ftw?? Iv seen it a lot but can't remember wat it stands for.
    Thanks for the happy bday though :)
    Yay and that's good. Oh my goodness, me too! :D So yeahhh lol.

    I bet it was better and all that...did you understand Math? Ah I see and yeah, I heard from horror movie buffs and people who watched that movie it was bad. I just stay away from horror movie genre in general...but I have my reasons to. And oh my goodness, I know what you mean, dirty comedies are stupid and at times cheesy, I saw one called World's Greatest Dad and that was just dirty and plain ridicously stupid for me. The only thing I liked about it was this boy who was friend of this boy who died in the movie otherwise I hated it. It was just a bad comedy experience for me. And yeah, I understand what you mean. I mean what's the worst dirty comedy you have seen or have at least once seen?

    It is and thanks.
    Yayyyyyyy does this mean I can bother you on MSN when I'm bored and I'll contact you from there, thanks! :D

    Same with me, I always hate Math. Numbers and I don't mix. lol if that makes sense! I only took a class called Film Studies and I loved it except when we got to the Horror movie part....that was my least favorite as I dislike horror movies. ._. How about you? Do you have any movies you dislike?

    Glad you are. I hope you'll like it. :3
    It's just I've been out and about and then yesterday I had stuff going on, so I hadn't finish writing the chapters but I'll let you know ahead of time when I'm done although chapter 3 will be checked for Light Yagami's characteristics by Arty and Candylanger. :p
    Oh and just wondering do you have MSN Messenger?

    I bet and what's your least favorite subject btw?

    I just finished it but I'll to send it tomorrow if that's okay with you as well as working on the third and fourth chapters of my Death Note fanfic. Yayyyy lol. XD
    Thanks no problem...and yeah, we all have those moments don't we?
    Procrasinating ft......I don't know what to say next, lol.

    Not necessarily, if my parents aren't around, I'll try to be on for sometime or check on this place every once in awhile but I got to work harder esp. on my Math class, luckily it's in 2 weeks so I don't have to worry about it now.

    And yes, really. I hope you like it. ^_^
    Rauxlen, I put my OC template up but I had to change the character, go check it out!

    Also I start college soon, so just a heads up! Oh and you should be getting a PM soon since I have a small pressie for you. :3
    I have yet to post as well. So your fine.....lol.
    I accepted it. 8D FWAAAAAA...yayy lol.
    Do you read fanfics?
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