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  • Well we should be a little patient. Are they on? And you could ask Orion as well.
    I offered to her, but she didn't get back to me. I'm big into Batman right now. It would be cool to throw some comic-book-y names out there.
    I'm sure they will go for it at this point. Aliquam and Spiral have a monopoly going on because the big shots work there.
    You need to talk to some mods about that:


    If they okay it, I will gladly join up with you and I'm sure Triskix would be willing, since she gets no business.
    Lol I am sooo confused now. I will still do that sig for you. Traskix said she didn't care if the sig shop died at this point. SO I pretty much need to find an active shop, so Aliquam or Spiral.
    Thanks! I'm sure she will be pleased. Also I sort of meant any requests that the other guys don't pick up. I'll talk to AJ and see if I can't join up with you guys.
    Hey, would you be willing to shove any requests towards One Hit Limits (or myself, I can do some freelancing of sorts). OHL has really been dead. 2 requests this year.
    So I see you have been utterly swamped with requests. How would I go about seeing if I can't get into this sig shop action, and pick up some of AJ's slack? No offense to him of course. He just hasn't been on much.
    Hey, I posted a request from you in the Spiral Dream Designs. Check it out when you got the chance. Thanks :D
    Considering how diverse and partly unforgiving especially the KH-fandom is this should be no surprise, lol.
    Oh, so you categorize battles like in a game? With mook-fights and boss fights. Where exactly would i.e. the Roxas vs Ventus in chapters 2 & 3 or Aqua vs Sephiroth in HiU be categorized in?

    Uh, and those things you ask me? A beginner writer? *ggg*.
    But hold on, my beta reader at FF.net is a more or less advanced/professional writer, I'll ask that issue the next time we have contact. (It's also interesting for me to know, hehehe).

    In these cases, I would look for opportunities to let a running fight slow down somewhat (exhaustion/injuries etc.) in order to make a smooth turn to the emotional scene. As for the other way around I dunno, it depends on which emotions the scene runs that should escalate into a fight.
    Once again, ignore this post everyone! Dang, I keep making the same mistake.
    Heh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has some difficulty with them.
    I certainly do tend to drag out Battle scenes a tad too much sometimes. For example the Aqua vs Sephiroth battle I originally intended to be three chapters long, but then I realized that this would leave not enough room for the battle with the Heartless Army and lengthen die whole Story uneccessarily.

    With emotional scenes, while I do love making them I also have always this fear in the back of the head that I either write the scene too bland, having the reader not feel with or for the characters, or writing it too intense so that it becomes unrealistic.

    In terms of realism, I also tend to plan out some things far in advance. For example Ventus going to sleep at the end of chapter 11. The obvious seeable reason is that he really went through a lot with these additional, horrid pain seizures and new wounds inflicted accidentally by Roxas on his heart, but there's also another reason for later. In the state Ven is at the moment in chapter 11 he's practically not able to do anything of significant substance. However, in later chapters Ven needs to do something so while I can't make his heart heal for obvious reasons, I can still let him recuperate to an energy level where he (barely) can do the task he needs to do.

    Uh yeah, I know, that's why I try to avoid havingg to make a quick transition between a fight and an emotional scene.
    In terms of favorite, it's surely the interactions and developments of the connections between the characters and develop a fine-woven together plot that comes out of several seemingly disjointed puzzle pieces into one great connection as well. ;)
    Second place would then be surely the emotional parts and scenes.

    Writing-wise, the emotional stuff is, at least for me, the most difficult to write followed by Battle scenes. *ggg*
    Ah, ok, so that's it.

    I have the Epilogue chapters already worked out for the most part (I think it will be two chapters, as for one it seems to be too much stuff, I have to stretch it).
    I also know the general direction of the final battle, but what I haven't yet worked out is how exactly the final battle will play out
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