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  • Sweet:)

    So you live in a bigger community, or city? I live in the boondocks of Illinois with a school of 300ish kids. It sucks. I used to live near Chicago. Go for it! I'm sure you could make bank! Those convention goers love their goods. Trust me, I love conventions.
    Man you people on here. So many friends of mine here do not have facebook :( I have a deviant art though- DestroytheDark
    Well thank you :3 if you have facebook, you can add me:

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Well Sarah (LOVE the name btw) you really outdid yourself. Dang you are funny at that. I am so ready for some requests. I'll let you know when Davey gets back to me!
    But he has... Days o.o

    Hm... fav actors? Currently it's Andrew Garfield. He really bamfed up Spider-man. Otherwise it's Johnny Depp. Lol.

    I just hate how Steve's character hates Toby for no reason at all.
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    Name/Nicknames: Aldrain- If I know you well enough I am comfortable with my real name (Eli)
    A little bit about yourself: I am a senior in high school. I love making tags and drawing. I game a lot so I think that helps :D My dad is a comic book artist so I get some talent there
    Age: 16 (going on 17)
    How long you've been making tags: About half a year. Maybe a little bit more.
    What program you use: Gimp
    What services you offer: Tags, gamer tags, clan tags (i.e. CoD/BF), wallpapers, I'm not big on tutorials.

    How do I keep the banner the same size it was? Or was it not tiny for you?
    Sure. But why is it so tiny? D: I can't make it bigger...

    and why don't you just copy and paste it or something?

    Here is the link to my photbucket page actually:

    Pictures by Nutetari - Photobucket
    Yeah Davey is a bro. I had him added on facebook at one point in time. Haha it would be fun to do a collab again :D I think at some point when we get to know the other workers better, we all should get on first name basis'. Davey is indeed David. lol
    Alright awesome!! I'll be glad to join. If there's anything to help with just ask and ill start working on a banner with the samples of my sigs and such
    Holy moley! x) I can try making my own tag wall. I can do clipping masks so to speak I will need to find new splatter brushes and smudge brushes as well.

    I definitely like your ideas! I was also thinking we could do gamer tags, clan tags and wallpapers. Tutorials would be great actually. I would definitely just need to learn how to do that. Hm... I think Davey might be free. I can check with him. He is a fantastic smudger, ohmylord. I'll look through SotW participants and see who is free.

    The dual tags would be really fun. I loved working with you on that bolin tag. I provided the idea, you provided the expert effects ;)
    YES! Thanks :3 I work hard even though I don't take long. I work quickly because I can envision as I go. The reason this sig is a success is probably the color melding I have been doing. I mix two oddball colors together, and then change the layer settings to get some dynamic colors.

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