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  • Hey, D.D.D, Sarah, whatever. People miss you. You should definitely come back.
    Hey, D.D.D... I long for the day you return here... I really miss you...

    and the shop... I've been doing it by myself... pwease come back...

    I know you've been gone for a while, I just wanted you to see this when you got back :D
    Eh? Now that I checked, true, lol. I already answered a bunch of reviews for that one and actually forgot who all did review and who not. <__<
    I know something about busy, since I've worked nearly constantly overtime since I'm back from vacation.

    There's still time though, *ggg*, I won't find time to set the new chapter up until Sunday anyways and yep, I know you always read the chapter but save the review for later. ^___^
    If that's to stressy though you could also review both chapters in one post, as both deal with Kairi's first arc anyways. ;D
    Yo, how's going?

    Just thought I'd inform that Nov finished proofreading chapter 29 so it's going to be put up this weekend. ;)
    Thanks for letting me know. ;D your work is truly outstanding. A million times thank you!
    Oh, would you mind checking out my poem in the creative writing section? Thankeees :)
    Yay! and boooooo! lol jk. Work on your webcomic, it's more important right now.
    Here's my sig with a few adjustment layers. Also, I am going to give you a new tag wall to put up!

    *u* i shall leave you an lol for your great work: Muppet Show - Mahna Mahna...m HD 720p bacco... Original! - YouTube
    ITS AWESOME! thank u miss~
    lmao that tag notice is just as grand X'D no ones done that b4.
    Lol I know! I have a freaking book report! THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED SINCE SOPHOMORE YEAR.

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