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  • Hi there! Just dropping by to say that I updated my last post in the character design thread with an inked version of Ophan's Linnea (the Homeworld version) so it's ready to get some colors n.n
    Haha, he is indeed. *-*

    Then add my name to the list. Or, I'll just lurk for whenever you get to that. <3 :D
    Oh? Well, if and whenever you get to them, may it be possible that I take the Terra one of your hands? Basically I'm calling it now! >:D

    For now, I hope you are enjoying yourself taking requests. ^^
    Ah, I guess joining that graphics shop only helped you out more! Awesome. :D

    Btw, how are your KH 10 year anniversary sigs coming about?
    Why thank you! Sorry I'm so late replying to you. ^^

    Ah, and really? Awesome then. I'll definitely ask for something of yours in the future. You are becoming quite popular. I am seeing your tags a lot lately. :D
    Omg, lol it's like an early birthday present! Seeing as my birthday is in two days. xD

    Looooove them! <333 Thank you so much! Consider me a bigger fan of your work now. :D Rep for you!
    Hey! I'm wondering if your offer on taking requests still stands? :D

    I'd love to give you a request if you aren't too busy?
    Wooooooow, you only been doing it for that short amount of time? You seem like you been doing it for awhile now! It's just too perfect! :D
    Ah, really? I'm pretty sure if the graphics section wasn't as dead now, I'm pretty sure you would be in a shop already! Things seem to be a little slow, way more than in the past, but I hope they would accept you. ^^

    You aren't a noob. Lol, you don't have to have a million posts to be an expert. Your art will do the talking. >:D
    Anyways, yeah I just wanted to ask! I'd love to have something made by you sometime. Again, I mean. xD
    Heh, I never came to leave you a vm for letting me use your awesome Kairi sig! Thanks for letting me use it, it's quite awesome! and sparkly! xD

    May I ask, how long have you been doing graphics for? Also, do you take requests like ever? I just had to ask. c:
    Hey I was just looking at your Riku sig and I discovered a fantastic technique you used. I'm clarifying before I try it out of course, but did you make a duplicate of riku, displace it and then erase/smudge the copy out, to get Riku all flowy?
    If you hadn't already, could you vote in the dec SOTW? Wouldn't want your points to go unawarded if you didn't vote ^^
    Just had to do that now, ;).

    Your comments are always so nice so I thought why not also befriend the nice person behind them.;D
    Jeez, I'm always so busy I up to now even forgot to thank you for getting an interest in my Fanficton, lol.

    So thanks, readers giving opinions is always a great motivator to write more. ^___^
    No problem, I mean it :)
    Yeah, with the occasional original content. I'm not even good at photoshopping either ;.;. And there's nothing wrong with that, digital media is just as viable as traditional!
    I'm okay with like, AMV making or what have you, but DA doesn't really have an outlet for that haha.
    At least you put in a good effort though! That speaks volumes! And I like it so :p
    And yeah, but I just use it to fave and follow people. I'm not really an artist :\
    Just wanted to say, I saw your DA.
    Diggin the Cap signature. Cap America is such an underrated hero. And I like how you (I think) used the Bucky version in it :D
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