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  • Thank you very much for partnering with me! Let's hope we win :3 and thanks for voting on my pokemon sig last week!
    Wow! I really dig it!!!! I don't think there is really any more we could do. Want to enter it?
    Hm. You had tried to explain the clipping masks to me before but I use gimp. So how about I give you my general thought about how it should look and give you the texture, and the wire frame, but I may have sent that to you already. I think the earth kingdom symbol should be in the top left or top bottom corner of the piece (this is integrating into yours vs. mine) and the texture should pretty much do it. here:


    I obviously erased the stamp edging,

    good luck!

    I feel brilliant right now. That rock texture I nabbed from Cloud saved my shitty piece.

    I think we are pretty much on the same page. I'm just unsure how to cross these pieces. They are both good imo
    I'm actually going to do Bolin as well. The Liara render has too much stuff going on already. It would be a headache to get rid of all that energy stuff!
    Fantastic :D I still haven't gotten to mine yet. I'll start it now while I'm thinking about it! I think the lighting in the right corner is a little too much, but other wise I think it's pretty good!
    and do you have any textures or anything I could use? I may have to prowl DA for some too
    hm.. Why don't we do this? I take the ME3 Render, you take bolin if you wish. We can do a prelim type deal. Let's see who makes the better sig or manages to have the better effects and go from there!
    Well I do have a few stocks I haven't used yet, so how about this: I get my stocks and you get yours. We debate them down to two and then decide from there!
    Thanks! Do you think we should both agree on a stock, make our own separate sigs, and then compare? We could then try and mix our sigs by starting over on the actual design and then taking bits a pieces from both sigs? Haha as you can see I have never done this before.
    Hey, the next SotW is a collab project. Would you be willing to work with me? If you want to see my latest entry, it is the one in my sig currently. Let me know if you are at all interested. We also have two weeks to do it
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