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  • Exactly that is it, shipping itself isn't even that problemeatic if it's done within reason and actually some effort put behind it. The worst kind in that area are however those who engage in ridiculous, childish shipping wars, flame and rant against the pairing type they don't like Het/Yuri/Yaoi alike and kill off and/or bash a character because he/she is supposedly "in the way" of their, how was it called , true ship?

    Exactly, and as far as I know the games were left on purpose like that. The same goes also for connections between people outside the romantic spectrum, that's why I put also much emphasis on developing the bonds between the characters gradually (which also contributes to the length of the whole piece). Like i.e. when Kairi starts her Training with Minnie they won't be instantly best buds, nor with Donald's nephews or Scrooge, which I plan for Kairi to develop some attachments with in different degrees. Or even the relationship between Roxas and Ventus, it would be highly unlogical for them to be totally close right from the start, that's why I write some scenes a bit awkward between them.

    It's one of my favorites as well, not only because I like both characters so much, but also because writing their parts gives always a sort of special challenge.
    They will have some more interaction before that chapter though, which will also get a bit more in why they are subconsciously drawn to each other and add beside some mysteries also some fluffy cuteness as well another time.
    Last time we saw them was in chapter 11, their next appearance is in chapter 32 then as I really wanted to give Ven some time to sleep so he can recuperate a little, he will need it. <___<.

    Yep, it's weird how fast one chapter is finished when you just focus on the story itself and write on with all enthusiasm. I pay close attention that my chapters are all about four pages long in Word in font size 12, so one chapter of HiU is normally between 1.600 and 2.200 words long.
    I think it may possibly have to do that I only write on one story at a time, focusing solely on it when writing at all, and of course the challenge to include so many characters and try to give them all some fair share of the spotlight is also keeping motivation high. ;)
    When I can't really write on it, it's most times due to RL-stuff interfering, like i.e. work.

    Ah yes, BBS, it's true that much could be correctly theorized, which is also partly due to Square being too detailed with their trailers. The last two BBS Trailers were extremely full with spoilers.
    I'm glad though I'm not the only one who has something like this though. ;D

    My next answer is going to be a bit delayed, lol, it's around 3.00am here in Germany, I think my bed calls. ^___^
    Indeed, the art itself is very realistically done and intense. Heh, no worries here as I also suck at drawing or paiting. When I want to be creative I can only do it with digital stuff as well, like my Signature pics except the Moogle for example. (The Moogle is from Sign).

    That really makes one proud to hear, thank you. ^__^
    Oh yes, Fanfiction.net, there you have really some big "bombs" lurking around that are either badly written, have no significant plot or even both.
    My story is also set up on there already, but due to my beta reader there thoroughly checking the stuff release is slower (it's up to chapter 4 at FF.net so far).
    The more "raw" version will however still be placed here. ;)
    FF.net also seems a bit too overcrowded with shipping fans of any variant.
    I am myself not a shipper, but I can accept many pairings when it is written reasonably well and has a bit more plot than just sex scenes every second chapter. And yes, that includes also Yuri and Yaoi pairings as long as I can at least see remotely acceptable context for them. I'm not prejudiced against some intimate stuff displayed that involves the same gender regardless in which combination.

    I'll definitely keep that in mind, maybe I can add some background infos to the fray without having to really include it in the story. Lol, going by from where my story starts off one might even say that HiU is also a "variant" of a KH III. ;)
    Oh, there will be much more stuff between Roxas and Ven to come also in the main story, that's a guarantee. I am just now writing on chapter 45, which funnily exactly involves those two characters again during the first major story arc. Not much longer and I can finally write the part which first introduces Xion alongside the main antagonist of the first major story arc.
    It's funny that my motivation and eagerness to write further on this title never really waned from when I first started it in June 2011. I've to admit though, I was pretty surprised that the plot I planned out from April to June 2011 has some striking similarities to at least some things that happen in DDD.
    It has certainly something to it, although it's a little bit strange to see a cruel sadistic bastard like Vanitas crying.
    He ranks relatively high in my favorites list I think...sharing 3rd place with Mickey, before Xion and MX on rank four. ^__^

    Oh, that's really dedicated. I thought since the next chapter isn't ready yet (if I'm lucky November will have proofread it soon and deliver it maybe this weekend), I maybe should give something different out that also benefit the story.
    Not only do now those readers who didn't know her how Beatrix looks and her background, I also gave some info on how her place in the story itself is.
    Yo, interesting Signature you got there. ;)

    Oh, and while the next chapter isn't there yet I wrote a little essay in the thread to bridge the wait time a bit. ^__^
    Ah, awesome as always! I actually didn't know what to expect for the transparencies avies, as you said you never made anything of the sort before. You don't disappoint.
    One day was faster than other times. You learned? xD

    The only thing I would say is can I have 125x125 avie? I think you made it a 100x100 by accident, lol. :D Also, how would it look without the black colors, on the tag?
    Oh? Not a problem! You can take all the time you need, plus I would think it's probably a good learning experience, yes? :D

    If by some chance you couldn't do it though, I would take whatever you made. ^^ Can't wait.
    Yup, you are correct! I think that's how transparencies are. May I trouble you for a request? :D I feel so annoying asking you so often... xD

    stock: http://i754.photobucket.com/albums/xx185/payuyu/Gill.jpg?t=1339769969
    colors: Perhaps some blues? If that doesn't work, you can go crazy on it with whatever you want!
    avatar: 125x125 and 150x150, the usual.
    other:Yeah, I would like to see if you could make those avies transparent. You can try it out, if it works it works. If not then just do them as normal. ^^

    Ah, and I know you like to bio them on your DA so I'll tell you who it is in case you didn't! That's Gill from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade. :)
    Hey D.D.D, I wanted to ask you a question. :D

    Do you do transparencies? I might have something for you to do, if you say yes. ^^
    I'm glad you are happy with taking my requests! Haha, but yeah I'll definitely request something later in the future. I don't want to swamp you too much with my requests. xD
    Ohh, you are really fast. :D

    I loooooooove it. Thank you, they came out so smexy. <333 Especially loved the avies! I'll definitely rep you when I can, again.

    Thanks again. I'll be back. Fanboy out. ^^
    Haha, great.~

    I had to photobucket it and stuff, it came out smaller, but well it's okay. xD

    Just follow my request form, and take your time. Can't wait for it, and thank you again. :D
    D.D.D, I'm back! *3* May I request something yet again? xD If so, I'm going to leave it here as last time. <3

    colors:You choose!
    avatar: Yes, please. 125x125 and 150x150. I'll use them after if and when I get tired of the ones of Kyohei here you made me. ^^
    other: Hmm, could it be possible to use Ryu when he is zoomed in with the magnifying glass? I would like that. Uh, but whichever way you decide to use him, I think I will like it. Ryu. ♥

    Please and thank you. c: PM like last time, as I don't want your work forever lost in my sea of vm's. ;W;
    Thank you so much! It's gorgeous, I love it. To be honest, I secretly hoped that it would be you who picks it as I am a bit of a fan of your work, haha. n_n Anyway, I'm glad you had fun with it~ Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! n_n
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