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  • Gotta ask you to resize your signature's image to something smaller, or change it to a different one that is also smaller. It's obtrusively tall.
    It could work. I mean think about it. Everyone having their own personal pet cross breed wolf or fox that acts and behaves like a regular house pet.
    Then I guess he'll just have to house it for the rest of his life then until it passes away. He was gonna think of cross breeding it with another dog breed. But more likely the fox with a pam-poo or mini collie. Do we really want a cross breed wolf with another dog?
    I don't know. I'm sure animal instincts will kick in eventually when you release something back into the wild. Remember Fox and the Hound? Course it was a Disney movie but still.
    Okay don't call them Indians because it's offensive towards them and me (my dad and grandpa are Native Americans). We perfer Native Americans thank you. And I don't know. I mean people who have pet raccoons or pet opossum's usually got them when they are abandoned children or have been injured very badly and after they took care of them so much the animal starts to connect with the people who cared for them and stayed by their side loyally. That's what my brother hopes for that to happen to him. But of course he say's he release the animal back into the wild and hopes it adapts to that lifestyle.
    But have you forgotten that back in the cave man days, cavemen trained wolves to be their pets so eventually a few wolves became domesticated and loyal to man. So if it's so easy that a caveman can do it then why not man today? And I don't care what you say. I'm gonna have a monkey. A nice monkey. So XP.
    Not all monkey's are like that. Just those who are not trained or disaplined enough to be good. Besides capauciun monkeys are nice and cute. That's what I want. My brother wants a wolf or a fox for a pet. He say's he'll get a pup of one of those and train it to be a good pet.
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