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  • Yeah, I was like, "Wait WHAAAAT?!?!?! Noooooo" ahaha.

    Yeah, well that's life, it just sucks aha. Oh, you done with school for good? Well, besides college if you choose to go?
    Well, finished Junior year, been dealing with losing my dad, I mean, like I've moved on I miss him yeah but, just, you have to keep looking forward, he wouldn't want me dwelling on his death, he'd tell me "Don't worry about me." aha. I miss him though. Also dealing with trying to find someone to be with -_- not much luck, everyone is so uptight aha.
    Daaang, it has been that long. Didn't think it was THAT long.

    Yeah man, same here. Have had my ups and downs as well, and right now it's more so on the down side but, I'll hopefully get over this.
    So, anything new man?
    *revives Micheal Jackson*

    There's your adult. He's very experienced in the art of surprise buttseks~ :D
    Your sexay and you know it. Dum Dum Dum Dum dum Dum AAAAHHH! Girl look at that body. AH YOU WORK OUT!
    Eh... Lesnar's return was alright. I've got this stint going against my friend that I don't like him because it looks like he lacks eyebrows lol I liked that Rock and Cena were at least showing respect for each other. It feels cool when you see wrestlers respecting other wrestlers like that, you know?
    I don't suppose you still want me to tell you about my thoughts on Wrestlemania do you? lol sorry I haven't been on since today and just got your message. I suppose it's moot now but I really disliked the Bryan/Sheamus match. Horrible opener, but eh... Was the Orton/Kane match after that? I didn't necessarily like it but didn't hat it either you know? Absolutly loved the Undertaker/Triple H bout. I seriously almost started crying along with Shawn and I really felt emotion from that match. Honestly I didn't really care for the Divas match or the 12(?) man tag team match. Y2J and Punk was an excellent match. As was expected lol. The final match was probably the Best out of the night, honestly. I'm not exactly fond of either man but I was rooting for Cena the entire match. I felt like he should of won cause I thought the match was going to be like a repeat of the Icon V. Icon Match between Rock and Hogan at 18 I think it was. All in all I suppose it was worth the money my uncle spent to buy it. What are thoughts on it?
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