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  • Sigh, well if he wound up on the actual news in handcuffs, then I could commend you, but he's just going to sleep and wake up, just not contributing to this community anymore and all fair, while you can tell yourself this is a victory, the man is alive and theres no actual police presence to indite him as a registered sex-offender and when you put it all in perspective, a man you labeled is walking about a free man. Nothing you do on the internet that doesn't have an effect on real-life should ever be considered credible, should ever be considered doing something, specifically in this instance I mean. I'll tell you this because you won't hear from me after this VM, but I am studying law so you can't even being to imagine how I would love to see this perpetuate itself off-forum.

    I'll stop bothering you now

    Live a long life, be at peace, and be well sir.
    This isn't my style usually, but I roleplay with a minor and she's a good friend of mine on this site that is also apart of the same thread you posted in as of late. I was curious, so I read through the public visitor messages here, and some of your post.

    You were certainly bored.

    I can't defend someone's history that I don't even know outside of a roleplay, but what I will say is making a thread to berate someone or expose them, if anything you could've just as easily sent whatever evidence you had to a moderator or an administrator if you took issue with someone. By all rights, it quite literally looks like you pretended to be a new member while advocating that you carried an ulterior motive with all intents and purposes to hurt a member of this community which, I just don't understand.

    All you ended up doing was validating what Dari was acclimating you of without directly saying it, because he understood that children visit this forum and witheld details that could've otherwise have been exchanged through PMs. For what it's worth, Shinra is gone. If what I've been reading, well, from Dari's profile anyway, you really don't have much else to do here. I can't picture this person you advocated to leave, coming back at any point, just a suggestion and I say this as politely as possible, maybe you should do the same.

    I say that with respect, something not many men carry about them be it from poor parenting, bullying, or what have you. Enjoy your evening sir.
    I don’t know what happened, but for all of this to transpire, and to treat new members like this, it must of gotten messy. Now I think it’s only fair being that I got accused of being a part of whatever happens, I think it’s only fair I know what happened.
    I understand... Dari's my friend but I know things can go a bit too far.. I got reprimanded by the mods because of this and I let my paranoia get the better of me.
    I understand... he only did it because I was worried. and in case you were wondering about the RP thread... Renn is my roleplay character but if you want to chat about that I can explain ok?
    Hi, and welcome to KHI! If it's alright for me to butt in on a couple conversations that you've had with a few of our other members, then I might be able to clear a few things for you. As Dari mentioned, we had some trouble this summer with a few people creating accounts on our site. They knew Shinra from another site, and had come over here to try to cause some serious problems and wreck havoc for Shinra. The mods got involved with that, but Dari and I were also involved because we're in the same RP as Shinra, and these trouble makers brought their dirt into our RP thread. As such, I guess Dari got rather suspicious of you because of your username, and I can understand Shinra himself being wary, since he was at the center of that clusterfluff.

    I know Dari; he's been around here forever, and he's protective of the rest of the RPing community, which includes Shinra. He was just trying to cut straight to the chase to see if there was a potential problem. I can see where his message came off as strong as aggressive, but he was looking out for a fellow site member. I can guarantee that he's a great guy, and that the aggression wasn't directed at you personally. I hope that you enjoy your time on the forums, and if you have an interest in roleplaying, don't be afraid to drop by our personal corner! Happy Halloween!
    hmmm okay... I'm sorry it's just that due to the incident that Dari mentioned I've been on my toes and I'm scared when anyone but my friends contact me... I won't go into detail but just know that it really scares me and Dari was just looking out for me... I'm sorry if you take this the wrong way but I'm just trying to protect myself... you could've went with Rufus because Rufus Shinra is an actual character in FF7 and makes more sense. I deeply apologize for this but please understand
    I'm honestly just paranoid because your username is just kinda suspicious in the regard that the name you chose doesn't make sense in either context of the games it appears in. why did you pick that username?
    Do as you like, but just understand, you literally have the sharpest set of eyes watching your movements and mine are the best on this forum.

    Interpret that in whatever way you like, how you feel I ain't got anything to do with that lol.

    Peace god.
    Not really sure what you are talking about. I literally just signed up to the site yesterday. Not looking for any drama and not sure why this drama is finding me tbh. I’m just here to have fun and chat about KH. I could care less about all this drama.
    Normally I'd leave this to staff, but diddly it, I been on this is site so long, got banned myself for raiding another forum back in the day.

    What say we be friends champ? Simple. All you gotta do is confirm or deny one thing, you here to harass Shinra or no?

    If you deny it cool, no issues.

    If you confirm, cool. I'll then begin to open my channel of resources and start hitting IPs associated with the last attempt to running shinra through the dirt back in July. If none of that sounds familiar to you and you're not worried, and probably using a library computer, then carry on.

    Best of luck champ, cheers~
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