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  • Oh I'm sorry. Having depression and anxiety must really suck. I know of a few friends who go through the same thing and it's really tough.
    It is legit WILD seeing "315", "SUNY", "Potsdam" being thrown around on someone's facebook from khi lol
    Lol I'll hire my hitman and take him out �� just pretend you never saw that. Lol it's cool some days i forget to check here too.
    I'm 23 �� found the person who is ny equal so i figured, eh what the hell might as well make it legal haha.
    Soo.. how's things getting for you?
    Wise words spoken by a wise man. How are you working on it? What's been going on?
    Uh where to start? Lol finishing my diploma, getting married, planning an assassination of Donald Trump if he gets elected (sorry if you're voting for him lol) other than that not a whole lot.
    idk how to link my FB while logged in but if you could link me yours i'd be much obliged to friend you lmao
    always stressing tbh lol. but if i wasnt then what else would i be doing? lmao
    what's up dude. just figured i'd drop by and see how you were doing. we haven't talked in, jesus, almost four years. damn. i also remember saying some ridiculous things because every 14 year old thinks he's got it figured out i guess haha

    just wanted to know how your life is going, hopefully well.
    Ooooh. I was actually going to be starting the anime series soon. I totes need to start the video game series as well then.
    Okay, so I know this is totally out of the blue, but what is a "Haseo"? I've seen that name so many times, that I just am so curious to know what it is, but I'm too lazy to Google it.
    Yeah I'm done with school, not sure if I'll go to college soon or not. But I plan to eventually. So you're still in high school?
    Sorry to hear about your dad man, death sucks, but like you said you got to keep moving forward.
    Yeah I'm working on finding someone too, its coming along like the Great Wall of China. It's taking a long time and a lot of work, but will be worth it in the end haha

    btw sorry bout the late reply, it sucks not having net :'(
    I'm gonna head out now. Getting late and the site is starting to lag for me. Fun times. :/

    Anyway it was good finally talking with you haseo. See ya later.
    No, not surprising for this site. I can always talk to people around here about sports, but it gets kinda boring since we all like the same teams.

    Technology is my enemy. That whole "Terminator" machine uprising thing, when that happens I'll be one of the first to go. I don't see much wrong with your thinking there, I'm kinda in the same boat, lol.

    Still got time to figure that out, so it should work out.
    Your welcome.

    Thanks, I could say the same for you. I just try and enjoy the simple things in life, or at least never try to get too far ahead of myself when doing things.
    New question: Do you follow any sports teams, or any sports in general like football or baseball? I just like knowing if there are other sports fans on this site, cause there aint a lot of them. No surprise there though. xD

    SSB all the way! One of the best game franchises out there. That's the other thing, photographic evidence from your game console itself. That just aint right.

    Artist and therapist sounds like a good jobs. There's a lot of stuff to cover in psychology, not to mention what can be covered in psychiatry. So good luck to you with what you choose.
    I really can't take that "Happiest Place on Earth" slogan very seriously now.

    Just means it's a really good game to get you to do so, aint nothing wrong with that.
    Wii can be hit or miss with its motion controls. I'd never get that Kinect cause then you more or less look like an idiot dancing around awkwaradly in front of your tv.

    Anything in particular you're interested in going to school for, or a career goal in mind?
    The screening process for those jobs must be extremely laxed. I mean, they're working around kids all day, yet they find the opportunities to pull that shit?

    Hrnnnnn, I remember dial-up. Have fun getting your wireless, things will be much better I assume. I know that feeling, gotta have the game right there in front of ya and playing it. Uh huh, not much info on the PS4, not even an official announcement about it, except that this is pretty much the last year for the PS3. I'm sure she'll enjoy that. xD

    My major is in Communication. The specific field would be working in Public Relations. It's a job where you can pretty much find work anywhere once you're really good at it.
    Yep, whole life I've lived here. Can't really imagine living anywhere else. State, not just where I live.

    I guess the people who work there, the costume ones especially, are a bunch of sick assholes. Yeah, just ran up behind me and gave me a good smack on the head. I couldn't really register what happened at first cause it was so bizzar. I was just thinking, "did I really just get hit by Pluto?"

    New laptop is good. Can always just watch videos of it online. It's highly doubtful we're getting KH3 on the PS3. The next KH game is supposed to be on a the bigger console, but since it isn't even in development yet and the PS3's life span is ending this year, we're just gonna have to go in for a PS4. So yet another console to buy for this series. :/

    Yeah it is a good thing, but I don't even like alcohol that much. Kinda sad cause I can't perpetuate a constant Wisconsin stereotype. xD I got my final year of college coming up this fall. Going to be so happy when it's all over.
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