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  • I don't have a tablet, i'd probably just break it. lol
    The one I got connects to the computer and was barely 50$. =O
    Someone on the forums made it for me. I think (don't quote me on this; I'm not sure) it was Ovafaze who made it. Sorry if it's not, that was made a LONG time ago.
    Nooooo! Run Chocobo run!!! ;A:
    I've been okay. I'm trying to figure out how to work this graphic tablet. Dx
    Also funny for you: KHDDD Hiatus by monjava on DeviantArt
    lol Thats alright. THEY CAN'T TAKE YOUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;A;/

    I haven't either. I want to see BH6 though.
    Zack is cool, and i wish they had stuck vincent in too, cloud is a good character and all, though a tad anoying at times. But he dosnt pull off the whole Silent and mysterious like vincent does.
    I discovered KH and FF at the same time, I got x , KHI, and Shadowhearts, my three favorite gaming franchise/series. the same christmas, i can't remember which i played first, but i'vee been a fan of both ever since. I just got seven at a flea market for 10 bucks, the cheapest i've ever been able to find it. can't wait to play.

    Well I liked sevens movie, and the two side games i've played. now time to actually play what started it all.
    I have dirge of cerberus but i suck at shooter games. But, last time i tried to play i was 17 maybe now that i'm older i may have the patience for it, i may give it a shot again. Ten was what got me into the series, but Eight is what made me fall in love. I keep wanting to play six and seven. I heard depending on who i talk to. they are the best. (Some say six some say seven. ) But.. who knows. I'll decide which is my favorite when i made my way through the series. Minus the online games. My computer is not built for it. i need a good computer to do this game with.
    You thrill seeker you~
    I was too. Batman was on local channels and WB. I miss old Disney channels though. Gordon isn't fat. ouo
    i played persona Three and Four. . I'm way behind on Final fantasy as well. I've only played x- and x-2 (also got this the same year i got KH its how i went from zelda and spyro and old school games to more modern gaming though i love the classics just wish i had the games and consols but so many are being remade ) For final fantasy i also played eight though I have to replace taht one because a two year old some how learned to get ahold of it and one of the discs snaped, Twelve, and thirteen. so I am behind but i recently got one through five so i'm catching up. slowly. I'm just doing the main ones right now, i'll do the spin offs at a later date if they are any good.

    Asassins creed is a hit and miss. I loved the first two. after that the games became unecessarily hard. theres being hard and then theirs being darn near impossible and just evil. making it hard to enjoy the third and the pirate one. I so wanted to get into the pirate one but the game play.... i just couldnt.
    Is that safe!? xD
    Hmm...did you ever watch the Batman cartoon in the 90s? Gordon was the police commissioner.
    its time consuming, but the fight style of KH is one of the reasons I love it so much. But after a couple hours of grinding, and trying to beat those damn monkeys that two hits your dead no matter what level your at just to get five power crystals, is a tad bit anoying. and headache inducing. I've only played two persona's so far. I've been wanting to play more, but then i got distracted by catching up on final fantasy, and i fell in love with the assasins creed games that i just never got around to it.
    Was it a cold? D=
    It's proving good so far. =D I think it will stay that way so long as it doesn't fall into another batman show. So far it's about Gordon. Bruce and all the villains are still children.
    Thank you. I got it from the site. I thought it was a good one.yours looks fmailiar but my mind is failing me right now. (I just spent five hours grinding for synthesis items. and opening clock tower doors). I wanna say Persona.
    You were sick!? D= Your okay right? We've got a big ass snow fall were I am at. It just not slowed down. =]
    I'm watching Gotham right now too.
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