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  • If you have one you definitely should. They're helpful. I'd give you my modified version of the Answer guide but it'd take weeks to type. xD
    I try to be. lol ;D

    How are you today btw?
    I ssee then you'll want to use the first link. It has several guides. That's alright. Several have needed assistance where I live too. xD
    Hmm...I didn't use a guide for the Journey but I can look. How about this one: GameFAQs: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2) FAQ/Walkthrough by MasterVG782
    Persona 4 guides:
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 2 - GameFAQs
    Persona 4 Golden FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation Vita - GameFAQs

    You can also find guides entirely for the social links with a quick google search. =3
    Here is the guide I use: GameFAQs: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2) Answer Walkthrough by Aira
    The guide doesn't really answer plot or anything. It focuses entirely on the bosses in the Answer and gives you recommended levels, persona and equipment as well as detailing the strategies. I printed this off years ago and have made personal notes of my own but the way it is here is plenty helpful as well. =3
    There are no unlocks in the Answer. The Answer is entirely straightforward and an extra story segment to the P3 story. The story it gives is good though and gives resolution to the remaining P3 characters after the main story is over. =]
    Hmm....I don't have a full guide since I only googled help when I needed it but I can look. Do you have normal P4 or the Golden edition?
    The ending isn't sad it's quite nice and it ties up and gives resolution to the characters. It will give you feelz though for plot reasons about the P3 MC. TuT
    lol Wise choice. The Answer is the epilogue so play it after the main story. I have a guide I made to it on my computer here somewhere. Would you like to have it? The Answer is really dungeon crawler and requires a good bit of leveling but it's worth it when you get story. Especially the end. TuT
    Hmm...that isn't to surprising. Many sites are loaded with viruses and stuff. Crunchyroll has never done me that way though soooo.....

    I've never played one or two but I do know that what is considered the favorite is largely debated. Some flock to both parts of P2, many go to 3 and just as many go to 4 and most like 3 & 4 evenly.
    Personally I think the best one so far is Persona3Fes. Fes was a sorta bonus edition released after the original. It comes with some perks but it's best addition is a playable epilogue called 'The Answer'.
    The Answer takes place a few months after the end of 3 and you play as Aegis. It was damn good but tedious.
    I never thought about trying it like that cause I did that once with a different anime site I watch anime on and it kept messing up and it even froze once but crunchy role might be a different story do i'll try that again when the time comes.

    Yeah darn that persona, but I own both those games so maybe one day i'll get around to finishing it, haha. XD
    Speaking of persona, have you ever played one and two? I stared on three for the portable cause I was told the other two were boring and that three was by far the best plus it was the only one with the option to be a girl.
    ?? The PS3 has an internet browser right? Why not just use that to go to it's main site and watch like it is a computer? =D

    le gasp! Never finished!? Persona, the crasher of all other interests. xD
    Not many know of Baccano for some reason. D8
    You could just watch it on crunchyroll. Here: Crunchyroll - Durarara Full episodes streaming online for free

    Ohhhh OH!!!! I know that game! I've played it! I tried it after I played Crisis Core! She did save his life but after another scientist did the experiments on him. =D
    If you've played Dirge of Cereberus then how about Crisis Core? It tells Zacks story. I've played prequels and sequels but not the main FF7 yet myself. xD
    I seeeeee. So you watch things you both like~ Who wouldn't like Drrr?! =D You should see if he likes it.
    Baccano is older than Durarara season 1 I think. xD Baccano and Durarara were both originally light novels so Baccano comes first.
    A side game? Can ya describe it a little better? Its rare to see a side character get a game. =D
    That's okay. I can understand that. Dx

    Ahhh. I never played FF7. xD
    So you dont watch anime at all now?
    Yes, yes you do need to finish it! Drrr is epic! Second season is boss so far. There is also a prequel series called Baccano which is really good.
    A berserker mode? Like the thing were you push triangle and the characters auto attack in 3 & 4 or the characters just going all out awesome and attacking?
    How much of it have you seen then? P5 reminds me of Durarara for art style a little.
    lol Then I'm not sure how much of it I would finish either.
    It would be cool if there was like a berserker mode too. What I've saw of the anime is good,but I've never finished it. I brought it up because Persona 5 reminds me of it actually. If you just watch the first episode you'll see what I mean. If i remember correctly its kind of a chick anime I think I'm not sure, but that would explain why I never finished it lol (I was a bit of a tomboy in my middle school years.)
    That would be cool and new. Up till now the persona manifests but turning into it would be boss. Someone made note of how when he's changing that his mask starts to form.
    Heard of it but never saw it. How is it?
    I liked the new style as well. I haven't played Catherine either but the style looks great on Persona! Maybe you can find Catherine at a gamestop cheap?
    I'm curious about the MC's eyes at the end of the trailer. It was like her summoned a persona but was turning into it.
    That sounds like something a school these days would do. They are all freaking stupid and full of shit anymore. It's no wonder most other major countries have systems that surpass ours.
    haha I see. So she's the mini-boss in your dungeon of work.
    What did you think of the video? =D
    lol That's the problem with schools. They send more school work to the house than they do in the actual freaking school.
    That sounds rough. Sub-boss?
    I see you've done adopted that P5 MC avie. xD
    You don't have to know any but a few are far more helpful than the rest. Try asking the one called Taochan. You work a evening shift?
    I work at a parts store. It sucks but it's better than where I was.
    No I haven't, I don't know any mods. I'll check the forums later when I'm home. I just got to work myself lol. Mind if I ask what you work is like?
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