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  • If you have enough bells, you could set have your neighbors tend to weeds and plant flowers every where. =D

    You can post any form of art on the forum as long as it's not inappropriate or anything. You have fans of pretty much anything and everything on here. xD Those DA passwords are hard to remember, since they're so long. (I still have a DA account myself, but haven't used it any.) ooh, I have a tumblr! I think I saw someone reblog/repost your art a few months ago! If you ever link your tumblr or have it in your signature, I'll start following you too!

    I'm sorry you don't get a lot of days off. Yeah, most holidays are on the weekend unless you're lucky. :c I'm surprised there would be a fan for Shinjiro. He is pretty cool! I'm all about Aigis and Ryoji.

    Given Persona is rated 16+ I think, it's a pretty cool b-day to get for yourself. =D

    I tried watching the gameplay of Life is Strange on youtube. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch it for long because, I get motion sick from games with camera focus like that. So I probably wouldn't be able to play it. *wishes she could play Slender Man too. Wow, you got a lot of games to play. It's pretty cool you and your brother can buy the opposite pokemon games, so you can trade exclusive pokemon with one another! C: Did you enjoy E3 btw?
    Purity by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt
    Fresh Blood by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt
    KHSpoof: Better forgotten by jojo56830 on DeviantArt
    Yuno - NSFW optional by ZeroNis on DeviantArt
    The first rule of Fight Club... by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt
    Fandumb #65: The Best Possible Cutscene by Neodusk on DeviantArt
    it will rain by NanFe on DeviantArt
    Tomboy VS girly artist by kawacy on DeviantArt

    But it'll happen in song that will be so catchy no one will even realize whats going on and the game will open with sora beat to hell by his mom and everyone will just be like.... what? o-o lol
    "Say what? Some creepy old guy is coming back? Well we better take care of that!"
    Kairi "but sora what about your mom?"
    Sora: *done gone*
    I would recommend finding it on deal. I still have no idea what the hell is going on with it's story besides that there is a war.
    You should read through them all. xD
    This Xenoblade game isn't proving very fun. =__=

    How are you?
    It's just small but random and hilarious comics. xD Here give them a try: 4-panel Life
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