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  • Dang it woman your making it incredibly hard to help you cheat here. xD
    Have a funny: Pokemon: One-Up'd by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt
    Just tell them your boyfriend ate your homework!
    I'm fine. I've been having all kinds of fun with Dragon Ball Xenoverse. xD
    Yup, I'm a huge fan of Animal Crossing. Do you happen to have New Leaf? =D I'd love to visit your town, if possible at all.

    I've been okay, not much happening with me lately. Oh my gosh, will you be posting your drawing of the RWBY team on the forum? Or do you post your stuff on DA? *u* What do you think of Final Fantasy VII?

    Yeah, P3P is definitely the best Persona game out there. Unless you go with P4, which is good and more humorous to say the least. :D It's cool you met a fellow Persona fan at Gamestop though. lol. Wow, you really like Persona to get the Arenas and PQ atop of that. (I still haven't gotten either one.) Yeah, tell me about it, since it feels like there isn't enough time in the day to invest in games like we used to as kids, am I right? xD Wow, two jobs and college, that's a whole lot of work! Do you ever get holiday's off or weekends? :O You'd be the first to tell me you're a fan of Akihikio. xD What do you think of Yuka-tan?

    I got into Persona 3 when I was sixteen years old. I played it the day of my birthday and was hooked on it ever since. I got P4 for Christmas, and things were kind of rough at the time, so I wasn't even sure if I'd get to play it. (Thought I might have to move. Thankfully, that wasn't the case in the end.) I did get P3 FES and that took ages for me to complete. xD I kept getting bored and thought it was suppose to be like P3 except without a key player in it and Aigis being the new MC. Basically, each game took about a year to complete, since I drop games and go onto the internet too much. P4 I used a guide to complete, since I kept getting stuck. I haven't played all of the games, nor have I ever touched 1 & 2. Definitely excited about P5!

    I haven't played Borderlands, but I've heard a great deal about it from some friends on here. :D Yeah, Life is Strange is quite popular it seems!

    I'm actually playing Majoras Mask and Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3DS. I don't really play games as much as I used to. xD Nah, don't worry about it at all. I wish you the best with your midterms or finals or anything else that may come up for ya!
    WoOOO!!! How much longer till the freedom? =D
    Belated Easter funny for you: Xariah here! : Gotta do fast. ♪ Gotta do fast to be in time late....

    How are you today by the way? =3
    Hey! How's it going, chocobo? :) Drawing anything lately? Playing any games? (Have you played all of the Persona games? And if so, do you have a favorite?)

    You're welcome, chocobo. =D You know, I really like chocobo's and happen to want to name a real life chicken after one; except my siblings keep naming the chickens before I get a chance to. lol.

    Awesome, I got it right! I really hope P5 comes out sometime soon after seeing the trailer and watching it at least three to four times. lol. <3

    OH! Is there anything else you like besides Persona?
    That's how it usually was then. The boys had DBZ and girls sailor moon. xD
    Sailor moon got a redo I think. Quite recently.
    I wouldn't try and make you like it. I'm just reliving childhood right now tbh. xD
    *gasps* You poor soul!!! D= There's a whole thread on it here with fans! Have you found it yet? We'll talk about it with you. ;A;
    Love the show so much. Was hooked since Ruby's Red Trailer. >:3

    Check it out! I finally got somewhere: Touka (finished) by Dravoo on DeviantArt
    You're welcome! It's great to make another new friend on the forum!

    Also, I saw some of your Chocobo drawings and thought they were lovely! =D Also, that wouldn't happen to be the new MC from Persona 5, is it? I can't really tell for sure, but it catches my eye a lot, whenever I'm on the forum.
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