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  • I originally planned on sending you your beta chapter, but due to my sink breaking and water leaking every where, I didn't get around to it. Therefore, please expect it tomorrow. And I swear it'll be in your inbox unless something worse afoot happens. Also, that's great you got a job! - KK
    Then try it!! Ico & Shadow of the Colossus are on a collection disc for ps3. =D
    You'd like Ico if you like Shadow of the Colossus. =3
    You have extra copies? o_O
    Different states? That must make it hard to play together at times.
    Wow someone that never played KH2? o_0
    Go Aqua, Ven, Terra. It's the order of easiest to play to hardest.
    You've never heard of Ico or Shadow of the Colossus!? ;n;
    I do that but the kicks I take are for other series lol. Cool, you playing 2.5 together then? =D

    You should take a Shadow of the Colossus or Ico kick~

    I heard bad things about Arkham Knight but I did play City and it was boss.
    WOOO Your alive!!!\^3^/ Thats good to hear. A year sounds so long. o_o
    You on a final fantasy kick? xD
    I'm okay I guess. I've been playing dragon ball Xenoverse again. ^_^
    Your home already? Your doing good I take it! =D
    Sorry if I'm coming and going. My state is having a hammer of storms lately. D=
    That's good! That sounds about right. The hospitals are the biggest drug dealers. lmao
    Random feel good drop off!
    My Corner — fuckyeahcomicsbaby: The Princess of Pluto Why...
    o_0 Nothing with chronic AND severe in it's title can be good....I'm not sure what your describing to me is though but I know enough that white blood cells turning on the body is really bad.
    Are you nervous? D=
    OHHHHHH Man those games were my jam! =D I loved Spyro 2 and Crash 2.
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