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  • 42 or something, Proud and normal :/

    I only see one flaw in it, but it's good to know you want to see how it works :D

    Well I take it that the School year for you won't start anywhere between that time, so if so that's a plus side.

    Geez, I've read so many, FoaH is definetly up there, Chosen by Zero was pretty good (Although, I recall it never being finished), I liked a story that was a collaberation and fetured Quaxa (Back when it was still up in the air of Aqua's fate) although I never finished it. There are probably a few more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. So what's your favorites?
    When then I must be under leveled :/

    The PM I was reffering to, goes to Luap, for he has agreed to be my editor. Nothing personal, Max :/ But when I get around to it I could PM you the ... Beta of the sequel to The Future That Never Was. It introduces a new way for the story to progress, much to what you'd decide on while playing a game (It'll make sense to you when I send it). I was originally PM'ing it Xiolio, but (At the time) I never got around to the DB school uniform, and she's been off for a while :/ But I was planning on sending one to each of my friends who either write or read fan-fiction.

    I guess that's a good idea, especially because most of the things that were typed I can't see due to how the PM system functioned at the time :/
    Which he always seems to launch once, the trouble is catching him and then getting away from him, with me :(

    Just to comment on something from a bit ago: Chance isn't like that Bleach character, he just isn't usually very positive with his emotions. as the game progresses (The Oblivion's Game, will be explained once done being written and edited ... Stupid error not letting me send my PM :mad: progresses he starts to show more and more positive emotions.

    Just read your comment, at some point, I'd like to get back to writing that with you ... The only problem is you have your own things and it's still my turn :( (Serenity Rebirth)
    Oh, okay.

    Starting on ep 3 there will be narrator, and after he's done with the recap a song will play with scenes that fit the song, here's an example: ‪tauberpa's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
    I'm thinkin' of a theme for BBS abridged, I'm thinkin' of "When all you gotta keep is strong" due to the fate of TAV and Ventus' backstory. What do you think, can ya think of somethin' else if it doesn't sound right?
    Hey man. Sorry about not returning to the site for a couple weeks. Things became a little complicated for me. My friends tend to come to me with their drama and I have to help sort things out...which took awhile. There was that and some business I had to take of before I return university. I deeply apologize for any inconveniences I've caused.

    Hi, Its been over a week, and I'm still waiting for a response from n-sauce. I already contacted him, but got no reply. What to do?
    I've come up with some interesting ideas for the Series, now if I could just get the material to work with :/
    lol you hit me?? What's up with guys always saying they blasted me in the face dammit. Sheeeeeesh!!! Its fine though, since only my outstretched arms were really next to/touching Karu. I'll be sure to make an epic post when I do though.

    Nice edit...
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