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  • Zombieland is a comedy, right?

    That's great to hear, good luck on making it (Though I bet you'll only need a little with how much you may have been practicing). That's my style either, so it's grinding time now, how long do you think that'll take ^_^?
    Sup' ... Listening to any good music or watching something good or (Thinking of things to say) ... So how's life man ^_^?
    Well if you've read DS, the special part; "Calling Forth the Guardian" it isn't directly explained, but Geno is the Guardian. While in appearance he is a tiny star he is (Or seems to be) capable of taking inanimate objects and using them as a vessel. His duty is to protect the Star Road which allows wishes made on stars to come true. I think the rest is obvious, and if not ... "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you" ~ Jimminy Cricket
    No. But it is tempting ... BtW I meant it applies to all of Square Enix, even when it was just Square Soft. Geno is property of SE, however his debut was in a mario game. If you remember Frog (The one from my story) he's from CT which is also designed by SE. I can't remember for sure, but I guess I had a hunch about it, and Neku is the proof. Perhaps bringing a character from all of the SE games would ruin the flow, but Geno is a different story. Do you know of him?
    Never mind. Closer speculation reveals that it was only Neku showing his palm to sora, from far enough his attrie matches Kairi's KH1 attire. And here I was thinking Kairi was killed, even a dream version of her would devastate Sora, plus Kairi now possessing a Keyblade has some potential to add to the KH series.
    I just learned what it is too ... The fact that Kairi has one ... Means ... O_O" ... KAIRI'S DEAD D.X!!!

    On an interesting note, Neku's pressence means that KH is not only exclusive to only FF ... I wonder if this means Geno will be making a comeback :?

    Oh yeah ... I'm still upset that Kairi died D.X
    Good for you, man :D

    In all honesty I came upon it on a different site, while looking for scenes from BBS. I guess Nomura likes the youger models, or perhaps they just look young, an optical illusion like Braig :/

    I don't have a 3DS, but I want to get one at some point. Hope you have fun with final mix ^_^

    The one that really has my attention is Neku is playing the Reaper's Game because he has a countdown stamp on his palm. Kairi, was seen with something very similar on her palm :/
    Cool, I'm looking for a song with a beginning like L's Theme from Death Note and then keeps the theme mellow like that, sadly I haven't been coming up with anything that would work that well :/ I however, did find this fanmade by Zinle of his own Axel's Theme (It's not a remix ... I think) Kingdom Hearts ~ Axel's Theme - YouTube

    I read the description, and I knew Axel was trying to keep everyone safe ... But I just now realized ... Axel got hurt pretty bad, he may have seemed okay with it all, but somehow I feel like ... He was in complete denial of the whole thing ... Even if ... He sacrificed himself for a noble cause ... To save his best friend. On that hand, it's a damn shame ... Saix was corupted by either Xemnas and/or KH ... Even if Isa did dis Lea their friendship was there ... After all, sometimes words are just words, CoM Sora's Hollow Bastion is proof of that fact. Yet in the end, the whole thing does make me like the KH Universe just a bit more after all this.

    How bout' you, Max ^_^?
    Hey Chaos. Abs and I have recently rebooted the soul eater rp of ours that died (one person decided to up and leave and since he was the main character of that story arc everything fell through) and we were hoping you could rejoin. Its here:

    You'd have to make a new character since Max is pretty much MIA right this moment due to plot related reasons but the new meisters have a new power to tap into this time around (as you'll read) and the plot itself has been kicked up to eleven in your absence.
    Anyways, check it out and hit me back, thanks!!!
    I have got chapter 9 up, at the end in case of a tie I will break it :D This is me showcasing that way of telling story I was talking about :D
    After looking at images of different straw hats I think you might be on to something <.< I can't find a picture of the ship and it's captain together, so all I can think of is Shirley could only envision it in her mind as Strawhat, and thus didn't pay to the fact the person had 4 legs, more than likely it happened to fast for her to see, or she looked away too soon :/

    Why only projectiles :/

    Too bring up a past subject, the reason I was suggesting Move Along as my BBS intro music is because it would start from 2:28 and ends at 3:53 Chase Young- Move Along - YouTube If I go through with it a lot of the scenes will be from the Keyblade graveyard and many things having to do with the actual plot (Not just having to do with the Disney Worlds Plot) will be used. I'm debating on have the ending of it with the scene 1:29 to 1:35 strwbrymilk's Channel - YouTube or [ITA] Secret Episode COMPLETO - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep -Final Mix- [Parte 1/2] - YouTube either 2:06 to 2:09 or 1:01 to 1:31. Either way this is when the Birth by Sleep Abridged Logo appears, I hope I can somehow fade it (The Logo) in, though I don't know how at said point :/ I'm still thinking if I should try to introduce it (The Opening) at ep 2 or ep 3 :)

    I am open to a bit suggestion if you're willing to give it ;D
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