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  • I remember you mentioning RPguild a while back. Am I right to assume you're apart of that community?
    I'm thinking of doing a Bleach Rp, but I'm not coming up with any ideas. You up for a collaboration?
    Well, I had to up the anty since you did use a gigantic cero for me. Had to go all-out. And yes, I hope we do. You're pretty good, more than you realize(or not, idk lol)
    Gotta say, that was one of the few battles I've ever finished to the end. A good match my dear friend, a good match indeed. ^^
    Okay, so was hoping you could clear up something for me.

    I got how Roland countered Jaakuna's attack, but exactly did roland do for his attack. It kind of puzzled me. :<
    To answer your first statement, that would work wonderfully, but he's not a fullbringer. He's just a gifted human. As for the damage he took, I edited it in.
    Well you know that Jaakuna has two daggers, and at the end of each of them, a string of jaakuna's spirit energy is connecting them. So, in the matter he "whipped" them, think of it kinda like how Ikkaku's bankai charged up, well in a similar fashion, at least.
    Hey, would you be interested in taking a look at a Canon RP that Ordeith made? It's based off of a really good book series and I think you might like it~
    Hey! I've been reading through Chapter 2 of Eclipse and I just wanted to tell you that I like your character, Galom~ :3 I hope that my character meets him at some point~
    Stuff went on between an rp and this one which isn't directly stated within his biography. I know the other makes some sort of mention. Supposed to be explained within another rp but, that died before it could be. I haven't touched his biography in awhile though i did add stuff for this rp.
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    lol go to settings and then to edit signature.

    One who's tougher to please I see. Try that out for size among. If that;s not light and dark I dunno what is...
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