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  • Ah, he did. I must of been counting Luffy too, but it makes 11 crew members either way: Zoro (2), Nami (3), Ussop (4), Sanji (5), Chopper (6), Robin (7), Franky (8), Brooke (9) which means he's still looking 2 more people ^_^

    Err ... Fedora - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Vander Decken IX - The One Piece Wiki - Manga, Anime, Pirates, Marines, Treasure, Devil Fruits, and more ... Is my sight going or something 0.o? As for his DFP he only explained it to Hatchan if I remember ... Correctly 0.o? And the person who would be able to identify it as DFP has yet meet with him yet (The person being Robin). It is quite possible it's one of the unknown fruits, after all it was found at the bottom of the sea (Going on a limb here). If a person used Haki and touched a Logia type is it possible that the effects of Haki could be channeled and used to defeat that person in said way? Interesting if so, but very improbable if I were to think.

    So where's Vander Decken the 9th at said point, unconcious 0.o?
    Perhaps, but the mini arcs seem to line-up with the actual story. Dajango becoming a member of the marines and becoming best friends with Full Body, Keimi and Pappug meeting Hatchan, Ace deliverying a message to Drake (Though this was lined-up with the Filler episodes), BB and Ace's show-down, and some others I can't think of at the moment. My opinion is the villian who won't make a come-back is either Kuro or Don Kreig.

    Err ... I was reffering to round 1, when you had gotten a bit distant from the series ... Before Luffy came across his oh-so-powerful gears.

    So, I don't know if you knew this but Luffy mentioned before leaving his home town that he wants to have at least 11 members on his crew, wonder what 2 kind-hearted souls are going to be picked? Seeing as the Mermaid Princess can call upon Sea Kings it would seem possible, saying she wasn't so gargantuan in size :/ So, do think the prophecy of the destruction of FI was wrong, or do you think the war is going to be the cause? Personally, when I saw Hody let go of his breathe due to Zoro's blades piercing his skin I was like, "Game Over". What were your thought :?
    Improbable, but possible :/

    Well being a kingdom recognized by the world nobles puts him in the same status as the Alabasta Kingdom once more (Although the Straw hats are friends of the Kingdom, other pirates do not get to be the same exception, futhermore the Strawhats were being hidden under the Marine's radar, had they been found the status of the Kingdom would have been put in jepardory after the Enies Lobby Fiasco, seeing as it could have been avoidable had the Marine found and taken care of the problem. Even if the Marines were out matched it's been already established that Zoro can't fight Tashigi, and she was amongst them. Furthermore on that matter had they been found out Nami, Ussop, Sanji, and Chopper more than likely would have had their bounties much sooner. Even furthermore the crew was badly injured during the war thus making them "easy-pickings" at said point). The people under this status can get away with just about anything (Except things that bring humiliation and/or weaking to the WG and/or The World Nobles), they are also given access to many of the things the Marines possess within their resources (Such as; Sea Prism tools, the thing Colbey mentioned the Marines used to travel underneath the waters of the Grand Line ... Not sure if that's the coating or not, as well other things).

    In otherwords; If Wapol wanted to have a little revenge, then he'd have the means to do so some time after the Fishman Arc. Who knows, he might have an Admiral or someone of formidable strength accompanying him when they (Wapol and the Strawhats) are rendezvousing (We've yet to see what Kingdoms Recognized are truly capable of, and you have admitted in the past you didn't expect Luffy to get badly mared as he did with Rob Lucci
    What's to say if King Cobra didn't have such a pacifistic personality that he couldn't just have reported the revolution and had the Marines take care of it chop-chop? The main reason why Crocidile got his War Lord status revoked was for trying to take over Cobra's kingdom ... Or rather make it fall to it's knees?).
    When GC meets Seaprism (Which I beleive Mihawk's blade is made of seeing as it's said to be able to cut the four elements of nature) I don't think it heightens a person's reflexes or senses (Not to say that's what you were exactly going for). More or less it's a trait Mihawk was born with handed down from one of his ancestors. Aside from DFPs' and certain tricks seen throughout the series starting with Haki (Saying nature and magic can be considered one in the same) I've yet to see anything that pertains to actual magic which Mihawk could use to pass on eye sight of hawk to Zoro. I've come to know that there have been quite a few logical explainations for some things (Why Eneru's electrical powers alone cannot phase Luffy's body), and yet some illogical explanations for others (Sanji being able to not be phased by the temperture of his legs due to his heart burning hotter than that heat ... (Takes a step back). But it is a cartoon, so I'll give it a break -_-'

    So with Wapol being brought back into the series leaves me a bit estatic for most of the rest of the villain's return. This includes (In order); Morgan (Not one I'm looking forward to ... Bastard with no compensation whatsoever ... Easily defeated :mad:, Kuro (Compensates with his intellect, course with what happened to his weapon :(, Don Kreig (Might seek vengence after he's recooperated, course because of what happened last time on the Grand Line :(, Arlong (Nowhere to be found in Impel Down ... But Crocidile somehow was ... Then again that might insinuate he's been excuted :( ... Not to say he didn't deserve it :/ And I think we can agree that Nami is a bitch because of him), Eneru (Compensates well with intellect, massive power, the only air ship within the series, and a robot/alien army :D, and (Wait for it) ... ... ... Rob Lucci :D (Compensates with superhuman strength, a power level half of what Goku had when he fought Vegeta and Nappa ... It's over 8000! (Kai English dub) - YouTube , and may have a much more wide mind due to Spamda trying to make CP9 the scapegoat of the Enies Lobby Fiasco ... I mean before he and the rest were doing what they were told without questioning why they were doing it :/ ... Look whose the scapegoat now Spamda ^0^

    So, what do you make of Dr. Vegapunk :/? When does he plan on making his speech about DF, what is his opinion on justice (I mean ... I know this would all be a question of opinion at said point, but I'd still to give this shiny penny for your thoughts :D
    lol so I had fail with my photobucket but it'll be restored by Monday at the latest, but in the meantime here is your tag back.
    I guess, but do remember the rules of KH do not apply, just because Mihawk's blade (Going on a limb here) cut it, doesn't mean it's going to look like Mihawk's eye color (Though it is possible that some type of heterochromia did occur from the injury, though in that case it may look red with a slash going down horizontally ... Still might be cool either way :/
    Not so sure about that, he has been reffered to as a man with one eye, but then again, some people thought Sanji was a cyclops until the 2 year skip (Shrugs) :/

    Indeed, dare I say it his team is more badass then the Roger Pirates 0.0

    Wapol, Drum Kingdom (Where Chopper was born) fell at the hands of Luffy, and Wapol abandonded any thought of returning when Ace and BB had their little showdown (Yeah that's where they were). Luffy's attack sent him flying to a different island, where he got arrested
    , used his munch-munch powers to open a toy shop, took the buisness industry by storm, and hooked up with Miss Universe (The woman seen wearing the bird hat). I don't want to make my OP an AU, but I had an idea where after passing the twin capes Kuno's crew landed on the island. Wapol, having read the newspaper about Kuno's departure wasn't about to let his good name get ruined, as I thought he became some what two-faced. While the rest of Kuno's crew was invited inside Wapol Manor, Enzule decided to stay behind (Seeing as his wings would draw unwanted attention), and eventually decided to check the island throughly, now much like Luffy's home island there is a nice-side and there is a bad-side, so Enzule learned on his own about Wapol's full reputation on the island. But seeing as that might ruin this little outcome (Wapol becoming a King once more) I might scrap the idea, and just make it that they visited the island (Or I could just scrap their arrival all together, seeing as there will be no action if I do keep it in :/.
    Have you seen the latest of OP manga? It's amazing how far the strawhats have come, Sanji learned a familar trick while running away from Ivok's people. The best thing that I think was incredible is what's on the first page, guess whose making a comeback :3
    It's okay, the important thing is you responded ;D

    Also, sorry for puttin' all that pressure on ya, mate :(
    :mad: ... :mad: ... :mad: ... Okay, get this; I forgot my password for this site (Dunno how I did, when I type it in all too often T^T So I believe my password was changed, now that be fine ... If the account I used to make the "Dawn Rebirth" account wasn't one I lost the password to. So I sent a message to retrieve the password (Thinking it would go to my GMail), however I forgot what my back-up was called (Along with the password T^T', and the account was locked for 12 consequetive hours, after which (Seeing as I assumed it went to my Gmail as that was the alternate option) I slept to about 7 (It unlocked at 2 A.M. my time). We had a show to go to so I just got back checked my GMail and (Big suprise) there was no email from yahoo.com ... I'm a little POTH at the moment T^T

    So now I either three things happen: A) I ask an administrator to send the password to my GMail (Which I have my doubts of it working) B) I make a new yahoo email and hope that the password to the account that my new password to my "Dawn Rebirth" Account can be retrieved via this new back-up (Because it needs to register) Or C) I make a hotmail account (Because the hint to the address of the original back-up accout was **********Hotmail.com) and execute everything of alternative B through that hotmail account.

    So now I ask you, Max, what should my next move be (Please take into consideration this must be solved successfully, or I may possibly lose access to this account for either a breif or vert long period of time)? (... Jeez Dawn, talk about putting pressure on a guy :c
    You responded with a smily so all I could think of was the Luigi Stare, a face so intimidating it did ... THIS!!!
    I actually knew of that already, but once again the thought is what counts :)

    So any suggestions other then rewriting the story on how to get it to him (Luap)?
    I'm not very fond of grinding hours on end, but the thought counts :)


    Even so, I refuse to rewrite it all due to this stupid 3000 error crap :mad:
    I've leveled up since then :/

    Hope so, hope the same for Xiolio 0.0

    This site, this CP, and my story seem to be incompatable, I can't even VM Luap the part :mad:
    Or was it 32 :/?

    School begins right after labor day here, as far as I see it either you start earlier and finish sooner or you start later and end later :/

    RfD never finished though, right :/?
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