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  • Oh and a late happy b-day! I wanted to post it on the exact date but I unfortunately forgot D:

    Anyways, happy 20th birthday pal! n.n
    Hey Cassidy, I saw the Lucius Theme revision that you did on Soundcloud, and I just wanted to say that I really like it! :) You're really talented in so many ways and I doubt that we would have gotten as far as we are on the project without you. :)
    Great job on Kimahri and Serpent Seymour! I put my comments in the thread. One thing I'm gonna say here though to be sure you know it, you forgot Kimahri's tail :3

    But that's no biggie, that can be added easily :D

    I did have some 'critique' on Seymour but I'm sure you'll read'em in the thread. It's not that important though, you don't have to follow it at all since it's already that nice ;D. Keep it up man, you keep impressing me over and over again!
    Oh cool, can't wait to see all of them! ^^ And you don't need to apologize man, real life comes in first obviously, that's perfectly normal n.n

    You lucky bastard, Re:CoM never got released here, I want that game so much! :D. I'm hoping that they'll put in the HD collection, if they decide to make one that is.

    Hmmm, that could be a problem. I really think we do want something fresh but if it's really similiar to a character from the original series, I don't think that would work... We don't want to make another Riku. Well, I'm sure we'll come up with something :)
    Hey man, how're you doing? :)

    You probably already noticed that I drew up a full version of a supposedly KH Kimahri and I kinda want to know what you think about it n.n

    I drew a lot of different versions of Kimahri but I think the alternate version with the ponytail I posted (it's in the last post with drawings of Kimahri) is the best one I made.

    You know you can always redraw it, the reason why I drew Kimahri was to make a good starting point to actually make a final version of him, kinda wanted to help you since I think it's a heavy burden for you to always come up with new ideas to draw characters :)
    lol theres nothing know really its just a place to put something you want seen, most people have an image tho.
    the one who did it was Apple Jaxx in the Spiral Dreams Design graphic shop, he made two versions of the sig to one with words one without.
    the fact you drew the original image is amazing as well up til now never seen one like that on this site.

    would you like to use the other sig version?
    Things have settled down I guess, I'm taking a break to handle life, school/work.

    Tanner means well, I admire his passion. It's the disorganization and the rushing, it's not like there's a deadline for this, and I feel that's how he's approaching this.

    His mind is in the right place when it comes to work, but doesn't come across to me as a people person. IMO.
    His passion may be burning a little too much. I know mine has, lol, including my temp.

    But I'm feeling better now, more calm, healthier.

    And no, China / Land of Dragons, is not on the list of worlds for everyone to visit.
    oh you know, Tanner22 thought there was a problem....I think he's realized there wasn't.
    Uhm....arguing mostly, but the story is really being worked on atm. Some thoughts on the characters' Dive, and yeah.
    I haven't checked in awhile, I'll do that soon.

    I too have been feeling like crap this whole week, so I haven't progressed with my story yet.
    I've been doing pretty well, how about yourself.
    I've missed your drawings man. They were phenomenal.
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