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  • Ahh! So I just found a whole Autodesk 2010 creation suite in the boxes my ex brother in law left when he went back to Korea! It doesn't say anything about it being a trial, so I assume it is the whole version. Idk how many times you can install it though. You know any thing about that
    It's in early production lol, as in right now it's just thoughts on paper with stages drawn up.
    Oh Snafu? Yeah I'm a frequent on that site since I was like..I dunno 12 lol. Grim Tales is my favorite. Bleedman and me used to talk over email..but it's been quite sometime. He probably doesn't remember.
    Anyway yeah game. The character's were going to be...serial killers lol. If you ever played Blazblue that's kind of the idea look I was going for. Well they would all be fictional besides two (Jack The Ripper and The Zodiac Killer).
    Well the main story I haven't made up yet but I have three character Ideas in my head for an artist to get there hands on lol.
    All of the fighters would have magic powers based on there criminal bio. Example would be The Zodiac Killer would use Zodiac like symbols to summon things that hit you the opponent. I wouldn't mind telling you the other characters ideas if you have time lol. Not alot of my friend listen..or care haha..
    I can draw stuff you;d probably see on Disney or Cartoon network..real simple Americanized art. Like Billy and Mandy I've drawn a zillion times.. Im in love with Oswald the Rabbit which is why I was giddy when I saw that keyblade!
    See the problem with that is I'm working on a game right now..and I need it to be an anime ish fight..2D like most Fighters lol.
    Really? I always wanted to make a manga heehee :p just lack the overall "Drawing: Abilities..I can draw American like stuff lol..
    Animator huh? How do you mean? Like cartoon animator or computer like Pixar and Video games? Because that's what I plan on doing when I get older..
    SO I was wondering..What's your favorite thing's to draw. I mean your a great artist and I've seen some of your work but only stuff people have requested..what do you draw when your just sitting around?
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