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  • I've made my final design for my character. Now you can do whatever you like with him :p. Also made 3 new Sacrifice designs, could you check'em for me 'cause haven't had any feedback on'em
    Yeah well, I've been saying that for a long time in the threads. We need like a summary of all the things that're already decided that'll be used. If we don't know where we're at, we can keep making stuff that could be eventually called useless. Even the story isn't fully done so yeah, we should approach this all very structured y'know, first this, then that. As I said, I won't be of many use aside from giving tips and ideas but I'm still participating where I can. And I wish you a better health man, I hope you get better soon!
    Hey man, I've been thinking about the game we're making and I think we should collab on some aspects. Idk, but as for now, I'm pretty much useless since I'm not good at drawing environments etc. so the only thing I can provide is ideas.

    I think, like I did with the Character HUD, that I can provide some ideas to make your designs etc. better. If you're interested, you can always VM me or something n.n.

    I'm anxious to see your work that you've done already that you still haven't posted :p
    If only I owned a microphone aside from the one built into my laptop, because (not to sound vain) I've had several commendations on my Christopher Lee impression, which I've used onstage. If I adapt it here and there, it might be useful for one of the key-smith brothers. (That all still sounds horribly pompous...)

    That'd be an absolute delight--as long as there isn't any auto-tuning involved.
    We need someone who can belt out notes gloriously.
    Well exscuse me for mistaking you as his agent, but HOLY COW! That Beauty and the Beast Fan Dub IS flawless...
    ...old spice is getting old, though...I don't care WHO it is...I have a good Mickey Mouse, I'm working on BBS The Abridged Series with a lot of talented people I found on the site as well...
    You know, this suddenly doesn't seem too difficult!

    You know what would be fun? Making a new Utada Hikaru style theme song for this game. You might not know it, but I can produce quite a bit more than piano clips, and bass drums...
    Oh, but of course we should do that; this is KHInsider's game, after all.
    I was just wondering whether, after everything has been set in stone, a small montage of cutscenes would be possible.

    Trust me when I say that KHI's multi-talented Gildragon would be perfect for the role of Gaston, should Beast's Castle be included. Not only did he provide Gaston's actual voice work for a flawless Beauty & the Beast fandub, but his other voice work bears a resemblance to Gaston's as well:

    Haha, it's true, though; the extent of my knowledge is very limited.

    That was why I suggested the fish-mouths be used, since it would leave only the characters' actual movements.

    Well, I noticed that you posted an early 3D rendering of Ciel--and that you've begun work on a Bug's Life world--so I thought that once the entire hypothetical game is over and done with, a cutscene or two could eventually be created. I've already seen several members display their talent with 3D modeling and animation, and I've also heard some voice work from forum members*--so it wouldn't be impossible . . . just difficult, haha.

    (*Gildragon = Gaston)
    A question from an animation layperson:
    If cutout mouths were used, how much effort would it take to animate a hypothetical cutscene, provided there would be voice actors who were ready and available?
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