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  • Hey, welcome back! Hope your surgery went well and I hope your recovery is smooth and fast! It's good to have you back and I'll see you around the site. :)
    Oh, I thought there wasn't a corresponding thread for enemy designs? Nice, you're doing world designs too, that's cool! I won't be participating in that thread though since I'm not good at drawing environments.

    Yeah, that's good man, be sure to keep me updated if you have any more character designs or something finished! n.n
    So made an enemy design for a possible Robin Hood world, already got some critique, changed it sooo I hope I made it better this way xD.

    Are you planning on doing some enemy designs too or are you gonna stay with character design? :)
    Possibly...I just am not a fan of that style of hat. She looks like a locomotive engineer! Haha. I still think a headband would look better. One with a big bow, or jewels, or flower, or....anything.
    Thanks for the comment, as I said there, your critique was well placed so changed it n.n.

    Btw, I also changed a few things of your character icon (with the hp bar, ...). I made 2 other designs with the exp. bar being at the left and the exp. bar stretched over the whole bottom of the whole icon. I think these should be improvements, maybe you should check'em out too to see if you agree with the changes I made n.n.
    Posted an enemy design in the thread. It's an updated version of a previous one I quickly made (the first one kinda sucked pretty bad). Could you check it out and tell me if it's good or not?
    It is a really good example, I'm looking forward to the future designs of him! I also thought of a name for him, if there isn't a name already. I posted it in the thread. You can color him to if you want, I don't have real specific colors in mind (as you already know from the thread xD).

    You should make him more cruel looking though, well, more like a don't mess with me-look.

    Anyways, keep it up!
    Hey there n.n. How're you doing? :D

    Man, talk about a short night xo. The KHI kept me awake for a looong time xp. I'm surprisingly awake though o_O
    Haha thank you very much, that means alot coming from such a great drawer! :D

    Found a fault in my drawings btw, I switched his shoes xD
    It could be more consistent though. Sometimes the face tends to grow when I draw it another time haha xD. I'm really proud of it since this is the first character I've ever drawn fully (full body etc.) :D
    Uploaded some more pictures. Somebody said she couldn't watch them in the thread so I posted links of Devianart where I uploaded them too n.n. This time I posted the front image and some (quickly drawn) facial expressions
    Yeah it is fun! Drawing characters that are KH-worthy is very fun too I mean, you have to think like Nomura for a while and just let your pencil flow keeping in mind that it has to be Nomura-ish xp. I'm also digging the artwork of the armors that're posted in the threat :D.

    Imma start right now with another drawing. I'm kinda thinking what I should draw ... a heartless, an enemy or a human character ...

    So you think my drawing is good? :p
    I started drawing since I was like 3 years old xD. I've been drawing my whole life but the last couple of years I didn't do it so much anymore. But I saw you guys posting all those sketches and I felt like drawing again y'know which resulted into the boy with the skull glove :p. I must say I'm mostly proud of the glove xd.

    If you guys can use it for the project, feel free to use it! I'm gonna see if I can make some more characters if you'd like :p
    I was meaning more along the lines of license agreement issues. Do you know how many times they can be installed? Or if you uninstall it, can you reinstall it on a different one? If you are talking about the image posted of the helmet, that was someone else haha.
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