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  • Have you already seen my level design suggestions? They're... quite interesting lol, you'll love the way I explained them 8D
    Yeah, it's pretty awful. I haven't slept in my own bed for two days because I studied the whole night and slept like.. 3-4 hours in the sofa. Pretty mental hah! Today was extra stressful D:

    Great man, can't wait to read it! I also posted a new Sacrifice design! Enjoy your nap, because of the last few days, I can definately understand what lack of sleep/energy does with someone haha! :D
    I've made a new song for the project, if you want, feel free to check it out! (the last post in the music thread is the last post so I just added it using the edit button).
    Well, I deliberately didn't finish the drawings because I thought it'd be better to give you a chance as well to give it a shot! I think this way, we'll have a better result. By taking little steps, we'll be able to add more detail as we go on :)
    Hey bro, how you doing? :)

    I've got a question to ask. I wanna draw some more Heartless designs but I'm kinda need some inspiration. Do you happen to have some ideas that I can use?

    Maybe we can even work together on some designs?
    Lot's of stuff. Lots of moving, volunteer work, job applications... Hardly any time to draw, but I'll be back on it soon enough! ^_^
    It's okay, I found out how to return it back to normal. I'll have to start over again though. The tail and the body was ready but then I remembered you should only make half of the model and then just duplicate it to get the best results.
    Question, how do you change the interface back to default? I accidentally messed up my interface in Blender and I don't know how to change it back.
    But hey no worries, I can see now how much work models are so yeah o.o. I'm just too damn curious sometimes haha!

    Well, it looks promising to me. I can clearly tell that's Rourke so keep it up! :)

    Ugh yeah, it kinda makes sense though that those poses aren't easy to find. I'd imagine Disney wants to protect their property. However, maybe we can use toys for reference? Y'know like action figures and stuff?

    Those things are supposed to be made to look exactly like the character from the movie. If we could get our hands on different pose pictures from those, we could use them.

    Then again, those won't be t-poses.

    These things will take most of the time I think. Especially the environments, that's gonna be a pain. Maybe we should look for people to do that? Like have people for characters and others for environments and maybe a few that can do both? 'Cause architectural work is a whole lot different from character designs.
    Hahaha xD

    It's pretty damn genius transforming a character like that into a freaking pony. Hilarious!

    Btw, downloaded Blender :3. My reason? I'm constantly waiting for new models to be posted (I'm really curious of how things will look) but models are almost never posted (images of the models). So I was like 'well, then I'll try to make stuff myself as well!'... Shit's hard though xD

    I'm watching tutorials now and well, I made the scorpion like tail from my Batsting. It's a start I guess xD. Don't know how to bend stuff though.
    That sound is sampled from Linkin Park's Burn It Down. You can find those on Youtube (snippets). One of them is the sound you're referring to. However, I lowered the pitch to make it sound more like a hum/church-like sound. I think I also added some reverb and stereo enhancer, not too sure though.

    The 'distorted' noise you hear on top of that is basically background noise from the Charlie Chaplin speech but with distortion on it as well (Maximus, not sure how the preset is called though.. I think it's called destruction.) I didn't put that Maximus effect on its highest though, 'cause then you wouldn't be able to understand a single thing from the speech. Just put it slightly on to give it that distorted effect (with slightly I mean, just pull the effect button up just so you can hear the distortion slightly, nothing more).

    I also added Empty Spaces from Linkin Park (just a 30 second interlude that has samples of a war going on) in the intro. Slowed it down so much that the 30 seconds became as long as my intro, which gave it some subtle background noises here and there (also made the pitch lower). I added that to add something more to the atmosphere.

    Hope this helps you out. Like I said, the sound you're referring to isn't really selfmade, just sampled and changed to fit my needs :)
    Made a colored version of that Atlantis Heartless I made (don't know if you have seen that one already). Anyway, it's in the character thread if you're interested in seeing it :)
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