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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Well, that had nothing to do with the fact this is Belgium (school everywhere I swear), but my parents saying "no you shouldn't go there (close location with excellent public transportation connections) you should go THERE (like the last part between brackets except not)

    Oh and if you were talking about the cold, do mind that (despite how we like to bitch about rain) we have a normal temperate climate like, say, New York. :3
    How did you... When did you see...


    But no seriously, it's ass cold out since last friday. Longest cold wave in 15 years they said. (Also I used to do 24 a day for school but those roads were way less dangerous, 3 bridges not withstanding)

    And I don't spend THAT much on snacks anyway (anymore)
    Well, obviously gas. I kinda need that. Like hell I'm doing 27 miles by bike every day. (unless it's, like, summer or something)
    (and I admit to buying snacks every now and then xD )
    I can bet. :eek:

    Boring time is boring. Promised myself I wouldn't buy anything anymore (for a couple of months) except the Vita I ordered, so I'm pretty much forced to finally go through my astounding backlog of games. Like, the fuck? God.
    Great! Then you... waitaminute. That doesn't sound fun. That doesn't sound fun at all! D:
    While I'm not averse to thinking myself, it sounds like it was boring. :p What'ya think about then? xD
    Kinda weird they banned you too... Oh well. What've you been doing in the mean time?
    Wow, that was quick. :3 Getting through airport security would be a bitch though, especially since I could (appearance wise) very easily be seen for a stoner xD
    Yeah I know. Anycase, back on topic, maybe next year I could visit (at least a couple of) the States and you could show me around. ;)
    Alright, now to find out where your live. And how to get there. And how to survive in the states as a foreigner without a uni degree.
    Alright, now to find out where your live. And how to get there. And how to survive in the states as a foreigner without a uni degree.
    So now we've both caused the universe to explode and went on to act silly afterwards...

    <sigh> a match made in heaven :3
    Oh come on, that's 2 universes in less than 20 minutes. :3 A bit overboard don't you think?
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