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  • In any case, reading this should tell you everything you need to know.
    Depends on how old the "dead" one is. If it's been inactive for roughly 2-3 months, it's okay to make a new thread. But if your question has been answered in that one, it'd be best not to make a new thread at all.
    No, not that, I was just busy. xD Sorry.

    I'm doing alright. A bit tired, but fine all things considered. :3
    Yeah they changed it up quite a bit. Your going to like Penelope Cruiz as Angelica. She might be better than Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Swan!
    In this movie, Jack and Barbossa are more like "Frienemies" and don't as nearly as hostile towards each other like they did in the first movie.
    It is real hilarious, and not as complex as 2 and 3 were. Probably because there are less characters in the movie now than when there was with those two movies.
    Just saw Pirates of the Carribean 4. Great movie, just wish the final battle was a bit longer. It Just seemed so short to me. I give the movie 4 out of 5.

    Jack may hate that Monkey, but I love it!! (You'll understand when you see the movie yourself.)
    I'm not really into shooter either. Whenever I shoot at an enemy, it will be pretty much me shooting an outline all around him and not 1 bullet hits the enemy. Sad right?

    I've played Mostly JRPG's like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Dot Hack G.U, Kingdom Hearts (of course) and some fighting games like Super Street Fighter 4,Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and BlazeBlue Continuum shift.
    Speaking of Pokemon, I've caught all 493 (I don't acknowledge the next 150 until the third game because they always add new Pokemon) and I have one of each in my PC box. Yes, I did use an Action Replay to help me. XD
    Lynch King is still alive in that snail though (at the end of the episode). 0_o
    What kinds of video games do you play?
    Can you believe what happened to Princess Bubblegum at the end of the second season?! I'm going to miss hearing the "Starfire Teen Titans" voice she had. T_____T
    I know right?!?!
    I see you like Adventure Time. So do I. My favorite is Regular show. Now that is a show that knows how to use situational humor.
    Do you read Bleach or any other manga?
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