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    If you were sleeping in a bedroom with any fictional character, who would it be?

    The character is awake, of course. My personal choice would be probably Finn (ADVENTURE TIME).
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    What shock sites/videos have you actually been to/seen?

    I saw BME Pain Olympics, 2G1C, and Offended (ED). I didn't last long on any of them.
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    Job problems...

    So my boss is planning a party or something...not really sure, didn't pay too much attention. So he assigns us some duties, and everyone else gets to do cool stuff, while my friend and I are stuck setting up chairs. How LAME is that?? We try to convince him to give us something better, but he...
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    ~~Pokemon Special Fan Club~~

    Reasons to love this manga: 1) It features Pokemon at its most mature. 2) Because the main protagonist isn't a complete idiot, or angsty (which are both typical archetypes). 3) It has a great cast of characters who all develop. 4) The art style! <3 5) The epic battles. 6) Great storyline, and...
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (don't ask)

    Soooo exactly what's so great about this show? I'm honestly curious. It seems like a lot of older people love it, and I just don't understand. Even one of my favorite authors got addicted to some reason. Yes, before anyone asks, he's an adult male.
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    Which character do you think fails the most?

    I think that Kairi, Terra, KH2 Sora, Cloud and Aqua fail the most, unless someone can prove me wrong.
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    What's your favorite/least favorite fan-made game?

    My favorite is Sonic Fan Remix. My least favorite is Ultimate Flash Sonic.
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    Where can I find a good snark/funny rant of Kingdom Hearts?

    Recently, I saw a very funny story making fun of KH, and it was very funny! I tried to find others like it, but they were either: 1) Lame or 2) Not what I had in mind So where can I find a good snark/funny rant on any of the games?
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    Recolors/Edits: Yay or Nay?

    Personally, I'm tired of seeing them everywhere. I don't mind edits if the person is taking the base and making an original character, but if all you do is give them longer/spikier hair, recolor them, and then give them a stupid backstory......get a new hobby.
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    "Epic" scenes you thought were funny

    Kairi jumping off a balcony was just silly. Kairi giving Aqua flowers was more funny than heartwarming.