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  • Well, not everything can be interesting. I do view Naruto as a great work of comedy, but mostly in regards to how poorly it's written. :3 (and I believe it started out ok, but got worse as time went on. Getting only a short version of the story through videogames makes it look better imo)
    Thank you. :3

    Forgot to mention this: the reason that guys immortality-while-in-hell is important is because (borrowed a bit from dbz) souls can die here too (not much fun if I couldn't kill of characters). Cessation of existence. Souls don't die naturally, but they can be wounded and killed just like when they were alive on earth. It's why torture in hell is so horrible, not much point in torturing someone if they could shrug it of, right? But this guy can. He barely feels pain and any wound immediately closes up. (the reason being alive in the afterworld gives you such an immortality is simple btw, it's just the reverse of putting a ghost in the world of the living)
    Not yet. It still needs some work before I make it public. :p Revisions, name changes and such. I'm also thinking what I wrote should be a bit longer, more padding. Plus, it's like on a memory stick to stairways removed and its 10:17 PM here. I'm only going up if it means I'm staying up now. :p

    I will give you the cliff notes though: dude dies. Dude is sent to hell even though he didn't do anything wrong (afterlife has nigh-impossibly high standards) but then it turns out he's not really dead (plot mystery right there) and that gives him special immortality as long as he's in the afterworld. Satan (who's not that bad of a guy here, mostly just doing his job) thinks he's dangerous because of this and wants him imprisoned but he escapes with the help of a succubus. They plan to take over hell and give everyone, in their words, a true "fair judging" (he was to be thrown into a pit with live animals for all eternity before they found out he wasn't really dead and, like I said, he was just an average joe that didn't really do anything wrong)
    It's not gonna end at taking over hell though. You can't pull that of without repercussions.

    It's a story that I've had in my head for YEARS and have been cultivating over time. I first thought it first popped in my head during senior year, but I recently remembered I'd had the "take over hell-thing" for far longer (ever since I was 10). It was vastly different back then though (different protagonist, more of a clich? take-over-hell-because-he's-evil-himself kind of thing) The story is a mix of serious moments and for now, mostly subdued black comedy.
    I tried mangartist. It was taken. I tried other things. They were all taken. So I took that xD (I dislike adding numbers to a handle just because you couldn't get it regularly, that should explain it somewhat)

    In other news, I'm writing again. About 1,5 weeks with having done at least some lines on most days. :) It's still not much, but I'm happy now. I wasn't able to write anything I deemed acceptable for the last couple of years. Gonna try drawing again too, if time permits.
    Here's a link: finn and bubblegum by ~Belgianpencil on deviantART
    I tried several other ways to put it here but they don't seem to work any better. <_<
    (it's on my mostly deserted (may change) deviantart page, but I didn't actually draw it though fyi)
    I scrounged this up. Couldn't get to edit it for a text or anything though <_< (crapputer)

    The bags usually come with little plastic forks so you're hands don't get dirty from ketchup or mayonaise when you have to reach to deep (the bags can be pretty deep)
    I'll order buttloads of them :D

    Though I'll admit I do want to try american quisine (because of curiosity for all things food) so you'll have to show me too!
    Fantastic! They're one of our big national things! (complete with special type of bag to eat them out of!)
    Hmmm, I could try that yes. Then you can have some too!!! You'll love it (unless you hate fries that it)
    So I'm choosing between you and food.

    Tough call :D (you know what they say, a man's love goes through the stomach xD )
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