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  • ...I don't know actually.

    I would say Steve because it's something in his language to do, but then... other moderators can be as trollish.
    You seem like a pretty cool person so I sent you a friend invite. And that avatar of yours is Deadpool, am I right?
    Well, I wouldn't really worry about it much. I'm more or less used to the high and mighty crowd on forums like this. They are annoying, but I usually just ignore them.
    Indeed, post stalkers are some of the worst denizens of the internet. Is it about that Mega Man game that they cancelled for no reason?
    I've really enjoyed your posts on the KH Series board. I completely agree with almost everything that you have to say, and that's always great.
    Your profile pic is facinating because is it a metaphor for Riku or someone with a Nobody or better yet something else..?..
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