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  • yeah i know. i didn't have any time. i've been super busy. but oh well. next year. thanks tho :D
    yup, even though its a community college.

    I'll go there for two years then transfer out to an university
    Yeah, it's been a while.

    And no, I haven't, I've gotten to the second to last chapter but I'm taking a break. Mostly due to the fact that I'm graduating high school this year, just 3 more weeks.
    I do think that it's intelligent, in a clever way. But I'm almost sure there's another thread on Health Care in Intel, and people are only going to talk about the Pokemon aspect anyways.

    It's now in Forum Insanity, for lack of anyplace better. (in my opinion, at least.) Is that satisfactory with you?
    I was just trying to figure out if they got it from Youtube or not, it's obviously fake (at least I'd hope so).
    Well, that's why we love him.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 500 words to write, a fanfiction to start, and an impossibility to work past.
    I think it's probably the former. :\

    Well, that still leaves me wondering, is writing a fanfiction with only words starting with vowels even possible?

    Your guess is probably better than mine on that one...
    Still, thanks. It would have taken me forever to fiure out what was wrong without your help, and just don't have ha kind of patience.

    Still, it feels good knowing tha I'm not the onl person who's had this issue. xD
    You should have had a discussion thread on hoth. Last year people talked about who won and whatnot. Someone bitched that they lost to vandread and hilarity ensued.
    I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I keep mixing up people and their new user names.. Sooo.. Honestly, I can't remember who you used to be :/ *hides*
    ah no, i'm not gonna do it this time. to be honest, i totally forgot. ^^; sorry.
    No problem, here to help! If you have any questions or something, feel free to ask!
    When will I find out who my competitor is :)
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