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  • Yeah, that's one of the good things about the internet. The guy hasn't completely disappeared since there are a lot of people interested in old media. The plot of a robot going to middle school is quite an interesting concept. Sure, he has his good days and he also has his bad days, especially with Shannon. Shannon was a girl that went to school with Robot Jones, he fell in love with her because she has more mechanical attachments than all the other humans Robot met and since Robot Jones is a robot. He feels a type of kinship with the girl, even though she doesn't return his affections. There are times where the two might become a couple but something happens and she completely hates the guy.

    In Jealousy for example, she takes Robot Jones up on his offer of tutoring her since she's failing math and doesn't want to go to summer school. She and Robot Jones are about to get close until a foreign exchange student gets delivered to her house, the foreign exchange student is an android named Finkman. Robot Jones tries to get acquainted with the Hungarian android but he is more interested in talking to Shannon and putting Robot Jones down.

    Finkman eventually wins the hearts of all the middle school girls including Shannon. Shannon is doing better in math but instead of giving credit to Robot Jones helping her, she thanks Finkman. The guys of the school are completely irritated and jealous by the android, but Robot Jones is trying to remain neutral and polite due to a code of ethics that robots have to follow. Finkman keeps being a douche around Robot Jones, Robot Jones tosses everything to the side in order to get at Finkman for belittling and ruining his chances with Shannon. The two end up having a face off before getting on the bus.

    Shannon has already gotten on the bus and Finkman still being his douchey self puts Robot Jones down. Finkman's watch goes off and it's revealed that Finkman isn't really an exchange student but a spy. He ends up back in a crate and leaves with the mail carrier that delivered him. The kids on the bus think that Robot Jones won the confrontation and applaud him, well the guys do anyways. Shannon is devastated seeing her "boyfriend" leave and blames Robot Jones for scaring him off. She calls him "dork".
    It's kind of sad, especially since Robot Jones would have probably been a hit had it gotten more advertisement from CN.
    The cartoon has largely gone ignored, it didn't last that long on Cartoon Network during the 2000's. The cartoon was created by the guy that made School House Rock, hence the similar art style. The story revolves around a robot designed and programmed to live among middle school students. The ending was about Robot Jones starting a robot revolution against humans. The original voice of Robot Jones was provided by a Microsoft program, I believe the 98 or something program. The voice was then changed from a computer/robot program to a human voice actor. The decision was made by CN staff because the robot voice seemed to be too off putting to the viewers. The first season was done with Robot Jone's computer voice, the first season was later redone by Robot Jone's human voice actor.

    The characters in Robot Jones involved: a principal that looked like an overweight bald Hitler that served as the comic relief since the story used his fear of robots to its advantage, like in Politics, Principal Madman (the guy that I described) ended up making the front page of the school newspaper because he was crying like a baby.

    There was also the math teacher, Mr. McMcMc. He also tries to get the best of Robot Jones, but ends up in a similar position as Principal Madman, the comic relief.

    There's also the Yogman Twins, a pair of twin brothers that seek to capture Robot Jones and reprogram him to take over the school.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_9xLh3W2r0 One of the original season one episodes done with Robot Jones' voice program. He ends up making friends with a vacuum cleaner when he finds himself in a bit of a tiff with one of his human friends. He goes to Gramps Unit for advice, but the advice isn't really all that helpful since Gramps Unit just rambles on about how humans and machines cannot coexist because humans throughout history have exploited them and how machines are superior to humans. So, Robot Jones not wanting to believe his grandpa tries keeping it real with his human friend but things aren't really looking up and Robot Jones wonders if his grandpa was right. He does find a friend in a vacuum cleaner but that "friendship" is quickly soured by the school janitor.
    I also did this for Axel.
    That's okay. I kind of stopped the anime because it was getting too repetitive, especially with Anthy. She just doesn't seem to want to stick up for herself. I do understand that she's supposed to represent the submissive damsel in distress and needs a prince to save her, but there comes a point to where you stick up for yourself. Sure, she chooses to be that way because she thinks she is doing Akio/Dios a favor by taking on all of his shame. There has to be a level where enough is enough for her.

    I've rambled on probably enough, but I do think I should ask around in what to do with Akio. I added some purple to his hair. Now, I need to figure out what I can do with the lighting and what shade is lighter than luscious lavender. Lighting is probably more difficult than shading.
    It's just pretty hard to see since he looks like he is standing in front of the stairs and not descending the stairs. The guy's name is Akio Ohtori from Revolutionary Princess Utena.
    Thanks, I kind of put off the drawing for the past days. I am glad that you liked it. I just wish I knew someone who could give me some clues as to how to fix the mistakes like the background and how I can make them look like stairs. I need to learn how to take criticism and compliments better.
    Yeah, I do wish that Kingdom Hearts would step up its game and have more darker elements that were in the Disney films like in Pinnochio. I do wish that Prankster's Paradise had Jiminy Cricket saying "jackasses" since that's how he referred to the transformed boys in the 1940 version. I did think Jiminy could have just used donkeys instead of just calling them "jackamules" in Kingdom Hearts 3DS version. I wish the coachman and his henchmen could have been seen in a flashback just like as the donkeys. I do think Prankster's Paradise could have been in ruins as Jiminy Cricket was wondering through the fair looking for Pinnochio but crosses upon the donkey boys. That may have taken a lot more work though.
    Yeah, the only way it could work is if Old Yeller was infested by some sort of Heartless parasite that acted similar to rabies. Although, I doubt Kingdom Hearts would actually go that route having Sora turning his keyblade into a shotgun and shooting a Heartless infested dog. If there was such a parasite then Kingdom Hearts may as well be a T-rated or M-rated game.
    I just saw the Kingdom Hearts trailer. I would have thought there would have been more, but oh well. I hope I get to see Soranort in KH3. That's just me!

    I have also thought about doing a drawing of Sora, Old Yeller and his character. I don't think such a crossover would ever happen since Old Yeller is set in like 19th century Texas or something and Kingdom Hearts with all the Heartless, action and Nobodies wouldn't fit in well with a dog that ends up getting killed by shotgun because it got into a fight with a rabies infested wolf.
    How is it going today? I got a few things this month. I got a Kingdom Hearts 2018 calendar, a Kingdom Hearts necklace, a 2DS and Ultra Sun.
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