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  • I saw your comment in the "What do you think of the user above you" thread and decided to help sate your curiosity. The man in my former set was Mr. Neil Young! He was in Buffalo Springfield and CSNY. (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) He's really famous for his solo work, though. He wrote "Helpless", which k.d. lang performed at the Vancouver Olympics! :D

    I am a walking encyclopedia.
    oh be quiet you smart-ass and don't comment in spam/rule-breaking threads :3
    I'm pretty indifferent about them. They're cute, but I really need to see more before I jump to any conclusions.

    We may or may not be getting the trailer soon. Or so I'm told. They may update the site at any moment (which will probably be when I'm sleeping like always).
    Oh, it was much more than 60 people. FoKH alone had 230-ish at one point. And then there's the people going through the front page as well.

    Everything's being updated to the Facebook and Twitter if you have trouble getting on :3
    You'd think the site would be able to handle more than 60 people on it at the same time.

    I'm just dying for the trailer, or just new pics.
    I'd take being able to get on and not view any new posts/make any new posts over being locked out due to a busy server xD
    I feel like I'm having a heart attack and my head's about to explode >.< TGS rush of news and images, ugh.
    After I assign some Privates, you'll be in charge of getting them prepared for battle :3
    But yeah, we need some Privates first, so for now, you can just join the others in the war against the Demon Cats!

    RikuMog it is! :D

    Glad you like it <3
    I just realized something. If I'm RiMog, then what do we call you? :eek: RepliMog? Jr? Idk :\

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    I believe I added you to my friends some time ago, yet I've never taken the time to say hello and introduce myself. Hello. ; )

    [IMG] (an alt if you wanted more land)

    Here, it is a bit bigger than what you are allowed but the site will resize it automatically. Just save and upload. :3
    We have a 25 character rule to avoid one worded answer posts and spam. :c Sorry it's annoying sometimes but yeah.
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