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Crazy Mario
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  • Key word: Moderator. It's just something that is both fun and stops people changing every 5 minutes.
    I mostly like Nintendo the most since it was my childhood. The days of playing Sonic 2 on the sega genenis was some of the best years of my life.
    Lol. Yeah i'm new and i'm trying to make as many friends as I can on this fourm. Also I love Mario and that let to your name which led to me friending you.
    Just as a protip for the future since you didn't know :3

    Domestic magazines such as GameInformer, Nintendo Power, etc. hate it when scans are posted online. Sorry for deleting your pics, but we just don't want a C&D coming our way ^^a
    Wow. I'm a 19 white half blind dude. I'm out of high school and starting College. I live in LA. I'm Christian, who is girl crazy.

    Fave Animes: Naruto, Trigun, FMA, DBZ, and DBGT, OutLaw Star, Darrruara, Soul Eater, Lucky Star, Code Geass, Big O, Pokemon, Digimon Tamers, and any Miyakui movie.

    Fave cartoons: BatMan The Animated, BatMan Beyond, The Simpsons, Futurama, Animeanics, FIM, House of Mouse, Darkwing Duck, Loony Tunes, and X-Men.

    Fave Games: KH, TWEWY, Sonic, Zelda, Pokemon, FFX, FFIX, FFVI, FFXIII, FFCC, Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, .Hack GU, Okami, Megaman Legends, and BioShock.

    I kinda read both Marvel and DC, but my fave superheroes are BatMan, Dare Devil, Spider Man and Captain America and DeadPool.

    I'm also a rocker
    Yeah. It could have been something awful like "Slutty Mario" or "Barbara Mario". That would have been scary.

    I love how they changed it without even asking though xD
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