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  • Oh thats lucky then :D

    Yeah I agree with ya. Don't really know why Gold and Silver need remakes. I can understand red and green for the 1st generation but its not really necessary for the 2nd. Got some cool new stuff though but yeah as you said they gonna have to match them in the future. We'll see what happens eh.
    Thanks. Cool. I'm thinking about about going to a community college and then transferring to a four year university. I already took some placement tests for the community college so I can get into better classes or having chances to.

    I really want to major in English/Creative Writing since I plan on writing a book soon. Although if I didn't do that, I want to do something in the Arts field and if I had second choice, maybe Psychology, as for minoring probably Theater Arts or some kind of Language. I don't know what language although I'd think it'd be cool to try Spanish again or Japanese....

    So are you going to university as well or you going to transfer to a university? Cool, good luck with Sociology then! I see, I don't think I want to do anything with money or Math, it's my worst subject although it doesn't hurt to take classes to improve my Mathematical knowledge. XD
    Two? Yo, thats gonna be a lot of work man. The costs are just..wtf! when I heard. Hear luckily, the government gives loans and grants which we pay back when we get a job with a decent salary. But it's not the same over there is it. I wish you luck man, I know you'll do fine with your studies bro, your one inteliigent dude lol.

    Aages ago man :D Been a fan since I don't even know when. Red was my first pokemon game. I've played one of each of the generation in the games and still got my cards stashed away somewhere lol.
    It's fine. I sure remember you being ASG though but that was along time ago.

    Good, I just graduated a month ago and heading off to college. How about you? (Aside from turning 22?) ^_^
    Ah I must check that one out that then. Brilliant story that was.

    It was jst stressful times for me. Had a lot of Uni assignments and had done crap in the first term ones. Things weren't going great at home either. But its all cool now. Free from all of that.
    The Nintendo one, gotcha. Cheers.

    Oh cool! Its been ages since I read it..my bad man. Was on hiatus for a while and wasn't on for a long time. Hope I haven't missed anything new. Let me know when you do yeah.
    Crap, it says WPA-Personal. Guess I aint good to go =/ Ah no worries, I'll get the adaptor.
    Thanks for that though man, appreciate it ;)
    Happy Birthday dude. Anyway on the Pokemon thread awhile back you said that you had a Shiny Deoxys that you were going to trade for a Raikou. May I ask where you got the Shiny Deoxys and is it legit?
    But it was a sister game. It was made to give you the Pokemon in the other games. But rival games ( Red n Blue, Gold n Silver, Ruby n Sapphire ) aren't supposed to have each other's Pokemon
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