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  • ER's going to be a bit longer on his trade back, so feel free to get in the room =3
    No problem =] and like I said before, once I finish up I'll let you know when to enter the wifi room.
    Not that it makes anything anymore private but here's my code: Plat FC: 3137 8427 4498
    I'm on Wi-Fi now. It appears you're in a trade. I'll wait till you're done. :)
    Hello, this is a mass-message to people who I've spotted in the Pokémon thread.

    I don't know if you're aware, but a Pokémon tournament is being organised and we need to get down the names of people who would be interested in this event and participating in it. A date for this has not yet been set, but it is thought that it will be held around a month after the European release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver; this does not mean you have to use these games for the tournament since Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver are all inter-linkable on Wi-Fi. Rules have not yet been set, but if the response is big enough, an announcement thread will be made and rules will be set. If you are interested in participating, please respond.

    - Sol.
    lol same here. i keep forgetting to write in Kringle. i have it open now but now that i was about to exit out of all distractions... my brother wanted the computer. lol.
    alright, got a charmander here and a piplup egg, squirtle egg and bulbasaur egg. coming onto wifi now.
    alright, gimme 15-20 mins, kay? i'll nudge you when i've got the eggs and am ready to go online. just gimme bidoofs in return, or something of no worth. i'll only end up releasing them.
    Sup. Give me 30 minutes to get the eggs. Do you want them hatched? I also need your FC.
    well it is that way... he did base it off himself only with longer hair...hehe...get it? STAN LEE? Dr. DunSTAN?
    About tomorrow, before I go to bed. What time do you wanna do this? I'm on UK time, so give me a UK time if you can?
    Alright, sure. So, a Piplup, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, yeah? I have a Charmander, lvl 1, on hand, I'll breed my Bulbasaur for an egg & I'll breed my Squirtle for an egg, too. Do you still want/need that Dratini?
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