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  • Hey Livi, do you guys need my bio/examples for the shop? Because I'm kind of lazy, but if you guys need it now, I can get to you :p
    Yay for optimism ヽ(´ー`)ノ pass some my way if you can. And yes the single life is pretty bitchin' I'd enjoy it more if my ex wouldn't stop bugging me to death >_> lol almost forgot it's October. Goin as Louis from L4D this year <3 or at least I plan on doing so.
    Sounds like fun to me, my friend is also working at a joint like that :3 and I'm good I guess. School, relationships all that jazz; it's tough, but it could be much worse. Just trying to enjoy this suckish school year as best I can.
    It truly was an accident. I was trying to activate the chat window by clicking in the box but I accidentally hit the nudge button. I'm sorry! I hate nudges too! To be frank, I accidentally nudge people all the time D;. I'm sorry.
    Aww I didn't know we had connections all the way back to April <3 how cute.
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