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Ban Mido
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  • Alright man. If you ever need anything else, feel free to hit me up, and I might be able to give you a hand.
    I'm going on now with the 4 eggs. And no, I couldn't find an extra ditto in my PC. Maybe I can catch one for you on a GBA game at some point this week.
    Chikorita should have AncientPower, Totodile and ice Punch, and Cyndaquil with Flare Blitz. I have an Elekid egg ready as well, and I can't get an extra Piplup from my brother since he's flipping shit about summer reading. Here is my FC

    0130 8051 7910

    Also, Voice chat off, please? Family fights at the moment/
    Okay. I have the Piplup and Cyndaquil bred. I think I can do an Elekid as well.

    Do you care if it's Ditto bred?
    Surprisingly I had to go out to dinner with my dad's side of the family the second I got home. My Wi-Fi is pretty fucked up, though. Give me a few minutes to try to fix it.

    What exactly do you want as well?
    Right, well it took me a thousand times just to get yours in properly so I'm not sure.
    I'm sorry I still have to hatch your Dratini. Is there anything else you may need? Other than that I'm ready.
    Hey, I saw that you needed Dratini? I have one right here, female, lvl 17, relaxed nature. Not great but it's a Dratini nevertheless. :) I also have all the starters except Cyndaquil, if that's any help.
    Starter wise, I can get all the Johto starters and Piplup to you. I'm sure there is a way I could breed Ralts and Dratini with Will-O-Wisp as well. My only problem is that I will not have Wi-Fi until I get home from my grandparents house tonight, but I'll work on breeding eggs and whatnot in the carride home.
    Hey ban, I noticed your post in the Pokemon thread. I myself haven't picked up the game in a while, but I'm sure that if you need something non-legendary, I can do something to help you out.
    don't mention it

    you made my dreams of deoxys come true, therefore it was the least i could do.
    i'd need to install the ds wifi shit first.

    i've been okay. despite me finding a job, my life's just falling apart in my hands.

    For example, I look forward to long work shifts and school days, as opposed to days off and going home. :< (that's how shitty things are right now)
    yeah, I have the shaymin, deoxys, and darkrai (all i can remember; there might be more, but don't get your hopes up)
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