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  • Wow, that's just crazy. It's funny how inheritance is just kind of passed around like that, but hey, it worked out in your favor, huh?

    Pretty much. I have ZombiU because I got it with the console, but I touched it once and really disliked it. I'll probably sell it soon; maybe pick up Nintendoland. But Pikmin 3 is the definitely the first major exclusive I've been looking at. As for PS4...not really impressed by it, honestly. I'm a PC gamer at heart, but I pick up Nintendo consoles for Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., etc. PS4 just hasn't wowwed me yet. Maybe E3 can change that.
    Well, that's quite a bit. I would assume the $50,000 is from said grandparent? I also got a Wii U, though it was only in March. I found it for $200 on craigslist, so I figured, 'Why not?' and went for it. Just waiting for Pikmin 3 now....and hey, an uncle! That's great. Niece or nephew?

    We've definitely lost a good deal of the older members, but it's nice to see a veteran back here. :D
    Yeah, we were in a drought for a while without any new KH information, but DDD kind of helped pick up steam. Still trudging along, I guess. Life's been pretty good, haha. I just finished my first year of college which was pretty great, and I'm in the middle of a job hunt as we speak. How about you?

    You know, I'm way less into it than I was. I never even got passed the 4th badge in B/W 2, but I am looking forward to XY.
    I dunno, it's so hard to say. You've been gone for like....what, two and a half years?

    I don't even remember my username that long ago. Spiffy? Bastard Spy? Bud Light? Celtis?
    Matt~!! It's Karen, foreverkingdom dont know if you remember me ^^ I never see you around fb or msn D= hpe you get to drop by the site soon ^^
    Matt. My brother :) Not sure if you're still around on here but wanna say hello. Always admired your ability with the mighty pen, you wrote some great fanfics here. Hope your doing well bro.
    I've been sick since Monday night, and I haven't taken a single final. My sister thinks it's pnmonia, and if it is, I might miss the rest of the year, 3 days. Other than that, and missing things because of that, I've been relatively good.
    DANG!!! If you look at the last time I posted on your profile, it's been over a year since we talked last on it. How you been?
    I have musical practice until 7pm PST every day after school, so I can't do much until Saturday or Sunday.
    Just got to find a time when we're both on is all. I've got your Deoxys on hold, so don't worry about it too much.
    Five hours would be in about an hour?

    Uhhhh, you'll have to try to make it a bit earlier because I'll be hopping off for the night in about 45 minutes.
    I'm in the one downstairs D: maybe I entered your FC in wrong or vice versa. Cause I'm in there too.
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