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  • I posted a new revelation =O the time for revelations is slowly but surely starting =O the time for the kingdom key wielder is soon to come
    I've never been to a soccer game, but I think that has to do with the fact that it's not as popular in the states.

    Too bad though, the day of the tournament was rained out and canceled D:
    I am doing pretty good. Only one more month left of my summer break and then I start my last year of American High School. What are you studying?
    Yeah since I go to Muslim school instead of having to take after-school classes or weekend classes to learn more Islamic things so we spend a lot of our free time on sports and club activities that the masjid holds.
    I'm the opposite lol, first I eat a little bit, pray Magrib, then I finish off the dinner table by myself.

    And yeah, our masjid does a lot of these things. We even have a team that paticipates in a yearly monthly tournament (we're no.1 btw lol)
    Ya I still have another 2 hours left. I'll need all my will power lol.

    Thanks for that, I'm gonna be at my masjid tomorrow for a bball tournament anyways so I'll talk to him about it again.
    I'm hungry. I'm really hungry lol. I have to partly blame myself though because even though I got up for Suhoor, I didn't eat anything.

    By the way, I read your response to Sam's post in the Fasting and Ramadan thread and this one part got me;

    I've spoken to a local sheikh at my masjid and he said the symbol represents the Quran, is the sign of Islam, and muslim brotherhood. Could he be mistaken?
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