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  • for me it doessss. both my brother and sister are in college and they always exclude me from everything.
    what is thou writing?
    ooohhh i hate brothers sometimes... mine broke the real keyblade i was working on. i had the hilt and shaft dont and i was waving it around when he came up and broke it in half
    yeah i just finished her and her eyes are o_O
    well she looks very animeish haha.
    my friend fought a site on how to draw soras hair exactly but im too lazy to follow steps so i drew the overall structure haha
    ill take a look haha. i tried drawing sora for the first time and it came out alright surprisingly. only i refused to draw his eyes ima post it soon. its sora X aqua haha
    hhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aswa! i havnt talked to you in like forever not including all the fanclubs lol. got any good fanfics latley?
    Sorry about that. I couldn't tell. Just flat out say you want something downloaded and I'll do it.

    Anyway, yea, I'll get you that song from the first video from 0 seconds to 1 minute and 36 seconds like you wanted.
    Alright I went through all of them, nevermind.

    Box ghost is in the right, by the way. Just let him join, apologize, and move the hell on. Please. There's absolutely no reason for you to be acting that way to them.

    I can insult things that I like because I can find humor in that. It's called laughing at yourself [or interests or whatever i don't give a fuck] but regardless, box_ghost had a right to join. You guys had no right to say no to him. How he was supposed to know you were muslim, too, is beyond me so you getting insulted by that is kind of silly. We call Jeels our little terrorist anyways. D: I think box ghost was just saying that you were being cruel for no real reason other than he made a joke.
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