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  • Hi n.n How're you?
    I see you like reading stories. Do you like reading poems? :).I made something today and I kinda need someone's opinion on it so if you'd like (you really don't have to) feel free to comment on my latest poem.

    Sorry if this is awkward cause I don't really know you xp
    bahahaha 8D

    eeee :3 sounds wonderful ~~ i'm so white omg I never get tans I just burn x__x
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. dude I went to the zoo today it smelled like ducks :[ but I got to see sparky the sealion and he went arf arf arf!!

    Yeah with no internet at my house i cant download them that easily, i might torrent them at my friends' sometime

    use to happen to me alot, writing is a great way to get things out too. And wow really? almost nobody has seen it, it was the best ^^

    yeah true. for some reason id rather talk on the phone than text, but none of my friends are the same so i end up texting
    He is!!!!! How is he so creative??!?!?! and ooooooh I'll look it up then :3 (another one xD)

    YOUR WRONG, THE FRENCH WORD FOR NO IS NOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN **_____________** (starry eyed lol)

    No your other other left!!! T_T and lowl thats undertandable :p and oh thats cool!!! Will you ever post it here???

    Daaaawwwwww :C bai bai Cara *hugs* tty when you can!!!
    Yep :3 it was awesome!

    Alright have fun on vacation! I'll look forward to when you get back :3
    also NOOOO I'm FROM minnesota and I STILL didn't get to go see them together! so pissed! tickets got sold out too fast.
    TONN of backstage footage of his tour band and interviews with him...HE WEARS A LIGHTS HOODIE. I giggled.

    also he hands out teddie bears to a bunch of screaming girls. I am ridiculously jealous.
    Me too!!! She's so good :3 and now I just think Adam Young is a music god xD

    Iieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!~ (thats no in japanese) *O___________________+* (black eye) lol

    The other other sun on YOUR right xD ooooohhhh ok then, it just got out of control. Whats Letters to Brooke about?????
    haha yeah

    Oh thats awesome!!! take lots of pics!!!! A lake house sounds so nice, hope u have a blast!
    Don't mention it ^.^ I got mangas, cash, and a riverboat dinner...

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm really gonna miss talking to you :C
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