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    I kick all of the other freshmans asses :) I still haven't made my way up to sophmores yet. That comes next year >:3 but my debates go to like 30-45 minutes depending on how much time you take for cross examination and how many contentions you have, subpoints, etc.

    Lol I dunno, I just wanna try it cause it seems cooler and more... fun than fall cheerleading :p and yes!!!! Glee club, but idk when it starts so it kinda sucks :(

    Well I basically get bored, grab a pen, think of some lyrics from some song, and write them arelly tiny round my wrist or finger to look like a bracelet. Neon colors look the coolest lol

    yayyyy <3 c: HAHA BUT I DON'T HAVE CHOCOLATE CAKE! PLUS..... ITS A LIE :eek:

    awwwwwwwww thats really awesome!!! At least you have classes with him too, cause that makes things like, soooooo much easier lol :3

    and haha but I don't want to be one of those really tiny babies because i'm already really short!!! xThen I could be considered an offical dwarf I learned yesterday haha xP thats not cheesy!
    or theres also a way, like what I do is I created a photobucket account, then I uploaded my pictures onto an album and am able to show signatures everywhere now if I wanted to which i don't so yeah lol
    Im probably gonna take my little brother and his triends trick or treating cause I dont have anything else to do. What about you?

    Yes I kick the ass of other freshman in debate that also KICK ASS :) But ok then, thats kinda like policy but ALOT shorter haha my first debate was only like 25 minutes lol
    And yeah I don't like it either, but I don't blame you :( I'm going to try winter cheerlead-*gets shot* and trying out for dance team and trying to find out when they are starting glee club!!! :D

    No cause my mom thinks that they're very stupid, and doesn't let me get any which makes me sad but I make my own braclets anyways from lyrics with pens. It will catch on someday :)


    I know!!! Its amazing!!! xP and hahaha thats ok, if he really likes you he'll be able to gather up the courage and ask one of your friends to ask you out for them c: i'm jking, he'll ask you out evenually if he's shy shy guys are cool anyways :3

    Awwww not really!!! I could've been a really young sophmore if I was born 2 months earlier!!! But that will be cool, it means you can go to prom!! haha
    and probably, but dang it khi!!!!! :C
    Yes I do!!! I had my first debate last week and I KICKED my oponents ASSSSS :3 At your school can you choose between Lincoln vs. Douglas debate or Policy?
    And tennis is over? Oh yeah... its cold now :c but oooh I couldn't do speech but I hope you do well!!! and I got on alot this summer, but once school started it was really hard.

    I've heard of it C: I just need to look up those songs haha and I want them too, I would ask what kinds you had, but I'm afraid that you'll have like 50 xD


    Nah, not anymore, we gradually became friends after I went on vacation to California. Which is fine cause another guy asked me out like a week ago. This is one of the reasons why I like high school lol :p

    Yeah thats true, and you'll be a junior!!! Ahhhh once all my sophmore friends become juniors, I will feel so young again!! lol *pokes your sophmoreness*
    Lazyiness is just apart of life, it makes up like 50% of it though until you get old xP
    Happy face! :D
    and yeah with speech and debate (I kicked ass on my first debate ever :3) and marching band, life has been so choatic!!! I'm glad we can still talk sometimes though C:

    Yeah didn't he say in one of his e-mail's that he was making new music??? And they have Owl City sneaky bands :)


    Hahah its like one of those slap-knee, tear-jerking, adorable movies yet its not like that at all :p

    Because everyone thinks of me as a freshy! I have lots of sophmore and junior and senoir friends, but still I am considered a freshy. A "coooler" freshy lol xP but still a freshy, who does get poked often! Lol, and thats awesome!!! I would ask to see how you are doing but the khi albums are being really stupid!!!
    Yay!!! :D I'm glad you love it so much!!!

    I hate it when it does that! It is very annoying.

    Wait! Does that mean he plays special songs only for concerts? o_o


    Yep :3 and he alllllmost kissed me while we were slow dancing! but I had taken off my heels so I was alot shorter so when he leaned in he got my nose instead D: all I could think of is, "why couldn't I have just ignored the pain and worn the heels!!! WHY CRUEL WORLD?!?!??!" yeah.
    and I know! I have like so much homework now, but your a sophmore and probably have more, and it really bugs me that I am a freshy haha
    I just started my junior year at a new school this september, I am soooo tired of it already. @__@ the campus is massive and I have to walk home, so every day is exhausting and I have two AP classes. lots of work :<
    Haha yep :p

    I need more too!!!! And I need to go to a concert :c


    It is, I'm not middle school sick AT ALLL, and uh huh, blonde hair, blue eyes, sophmore :3 lol and yeah it is :D haha is that good or bad?
    PLUS, here is your longly OVERDUE avvvvvvyyyy:
    lol i spent my graduation money on it, so i would be broke too lol dang! i think i did too, too far back to remember lol
    A voice call only has the microphone working, and it doesn't use the webcam, and the video calls are with the webcam so you can see people... there ya go :3

    and haha I do too, he needs to make another album, cause its been a year since Ocean Eyes came out!!!


    My first day was totally awesome!!! I love high school lots :D I have a date for homecoming already too, plus marching band is actually one of the funnest things ever, and I started off the year with pretty good grades, and in about 2 weeks i'm going to california for a vacation lol :]
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