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  • With Mega kangaskhan, Evolite Chansey and Toxic orb Gliscor with useful movests to counter all the opponents at Battle masion.
    These rare berries which I've got were prizes for defeating 100 and 200 opponents at Battle Masion lucky, I've never gotten suffered by some hax trainers after 17th times, that little girl was quite a troll, at least I'm glad I did it then quit Battle masion altogether. :>
    All done, now you can plant both rare berries at your berry field. ;D

    enjoy breeding for more flawless babies.

    Event Celebi and mew thanks, please note me when you're ready up for trading. ;)
    you just scored two of those cloned flawless Japanese Dittos with impostor.

    Those sound great actually! If you have any shiny i don't care about their IV's. Or any Johto/Hoenn exclusive pokemon, i'm trying to finish my national dex. I'll add you!
    Yo! So as it turns out I don't need the Garchomp. I rearranged my team a bunch and found some better combinations using Hydreigon (scarfed, woo).

    Sorry for the trouble!
    I have tons of IV bred pokemon! I can also IV breed something for you if you need it. Do you have something specific in mind? I'd love to get that 4 IV Female Gible.

    Some pokemon I've recently bred with 3-4 31 IVs include:
    - Deino (Modest)
    - Eevee (Hasty/Calm)
    - Aegislash (Brave)
    - Ghastly (Timid)
    - Gible (lol) (Adamant)
    - Larvitar (Adamant)
    - Togepi (Calm)

    Also I have a flawless Infernape that's Naive that I can breed to make another flawless copy.

    I can breed any of them with the natures if you want. :)
    Haha, well... I'm sorry if I made you feel bad. And, uh, I have never been homesick during my studies, actually. I tend to quickly settle into new environments and make friends with people.

    My friends and I would go out for dinner together, and on Saturday nights, we usually gathered to play card or board games. There were lots of activities to keep my days from getting boring, too, even during weekends; I used to conduct a choir for a morning Mass at the parish church, and then we would continue with a practice session. On weekdays, usually classes, gathering with classmates (which was almost always hilarious considering one of them is a truly funny guy), and studying really pushed all thoughts of home aside.

    Yeah, that's a snippet of my campus life, haha... I remember though that I got homesick once when I was little, like, five; I went to my grandparents' for the weekend, and I cried that night because I had to spend the night away from my parents. Seen from the adult-me's perspective, that's embarrassingly hilarious, and such things always remind me of all the stupidity I used to do as a kid... XD
    Aw, yeah, I completely understand. That's one of the worst parts of having to go back to school. It's bound to happen, but look at the bright side... that only means you've had a wonderful holiday. :)

    Poor you. How far away is your school from home? At least you can choose to go back home frequently, unlike me when I was studying. My school was 600 miles away from home, haha. To make things worse, it was aboard, so the airfare was an international fare, more expensive than if it had been domestic.
    So, has school started? I'm pretty sure after all you've done for the holidays, you went (or are going to go) through the mother of all Monday blues. :p
    You're in Disney World? That's amazing! I'm going to be there too in a few weeks, and I just can't wait! Are you there for the Disney marathon that's going to take place next week (yep, I'm informed enough to know about that!), or did you come just for the holiday? Either way, it has to have been truly fun.

    Thank you! My holiday has been wonderful so far, and I hope yours has been, too. My family made roast beef and roast chicken for New Year's Eve dinner, and some of our relatives came over to stay. It was really great! That's why I always love the year-end holidays; I get to gather with many of my friends and extended family members.

    And Pokebank getting delayed sure kind of ticked me off, but I managed. Japanese and Korean players have actually gained access to use of Poketransfer, so they have started offering up past Pokemon at the GTS. They are mostly asking for Xerneas and Yveltal in exchange, and luckily I was able to get hold of many of those two Pokemon by trading over a bunch of my Vivillon, whose pattern is fairly rare. Once I started getting those Pokemon that are previously unavailable, I began breeding them both for eggs and IV. It's all thanks to my Vivillon! XD
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