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  • and every day we would leave a quarter on the ground and say 'operation jew joke in progress'.
    and oen day she announced that shed be rich if she kept finding quarters on the ground.
    The most amazing thing.
    we were in the drama class, and there had been a mountain dew there for like a week.
    and she told me to throw it out.
    and i said she was asking me to throw out the classroom jesus.
    and she replied, "I'm jewish"
    near the end of the year soem of the girls in my class made fake bi-polar pills and gave them to our teacher.
    they were just candy in a RX bottle, though
    in my old social studies class, it got so out of control that the science teacher came in and threw a garbage can.
    I want your science class.

    MY 8th grade reading and social studies class [same teacher] was the best class ever.
    The teacher could not control us.
    And we made him cry all the time.
    And just the shit he did was hilarious.
    You could give him a random object, say you found it on the ground.
    And he'd tick t under his arm and walk around with it for the entirety of the class.

    And we'd stick the tubes from crayola markers up the sink so we had colored water!
    Well i can help you think up a theory if you want or work with you. Anyway im taking a break....Im tired. Besides that, im working on two theorys so......And i dont worry about people flaming my threads i do a pretty good job.:)
    I know i got 70 on my health final...
    So i failed that class.

    Other than that, im confident i did good.
    Health was my only bad class.

    If i go in monday [grade day, no school] I can turn in some extra work and hopefully get a D or a C.
    Oh thanks for the rep......and the comment :D!
    I thought mario with mickeys keyblade would be funny.:p
    Anywho hope your doing good.:E
    Thanks for the rep! Nah, it's okay. I say bittermeats a lot, too. You weren't the only one, and I have a feeling she's gotten used to having her name with an s on the end.
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