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  • Lol, no problem. As long as we both have time where we can actually talk on MSN xD
    O_O;; You really like to sleep in late, don't you?

    Yup, must be around 8-9 PM for me. Even so, I am usually online around that time unless something urgent keeps me away from the net. :3
    Sorries I havent been on KHinsider...and I cant be grounded off my computer i need it for school lol xD
    I've just been busy with pokemon and such
    We haven't had a chance to talk on MSN yet ;_; Curse those time differences :<
    You seem like a likeable person, so I think you'll make tons of friends in no time :)

    Oh so that was you who wanted to add me! I'm so sorry, I declined your request since I didn't know who wanted to add me. Sorry for the trouble, but could you try to add me one more time? x3

    Ah, okay.

    I suck at getting straight A's, but because I take advanced classes, it usually doesn't matter.
    :D That's good. I didn't do that well my Junior year. I had a lot of advanced classes, and was starting to feel the effects of senior-itis early. I still ended up with about a 3.8 GPA for the year, though. But I've never gotten straight A's since my freshman year.

    Well... my post count could be considered work! :D Or how about this. I had a 4.25 GPA in high school, with 4.0 being the highest. I lived up to my name for a while. Now I'm just lazy. ;P
    Yeah. That's what it means in... Hebrew, I think. I'm not too sure on that part. However, everyone says that I live up to my name. It sounds so much prettier as Amelia, though, huh?
    Thanks for the add, and the rep. I do like my name, yes, and it's more unique than others, so I like that I've only ever met one other person with my name. It's a good name for a child. It means hard worker. :D
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