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  • There's a difference between being a part of the group and being in the back of it though. Go out and make some friends, make posts even if a few of them aren't perfect and have some fun.

    Not fake, just different. Some of them have responsibilities and those require them to get nasty every once in a while. You know? Like Mods, people complain about them being assholes, but they're really not. They always get the job done and you have to think, they are forced to put up with 1.000+ peoples crap. They just like to joke around and I dunno, I guess you get used to it and even start to enjoy their strange sense of humor after awhile. Or Proline is another. Ken's a dick, but he's a damn funny dick when you get used to him. Fun fact, he thoroughly flamed my ass when I first joined. XD

    Well it's the fanatisicm. She wasted spent 3 months of her life on explaining why a video game character sucked. For Kairi hating fangirls everywhere, she's an Icon. I've started to not like KH more and more. I'll play the games just to play them, but I don't care much outside of that anymore. I have better things to do than bicker over whose hair color means what, or the diifferences between the same character with a different hairstlye in a different setting. Kairi doesn't suck, she's just another victim of poor character development. It just took a long time for me to realize it. There's no sucky characters, as long as you like what you like. It's no one's place to say otherwise.

    Rei Rei is very nice, and even though I don't always agree with LL she's very smart.

    It doesn't knowledge makes you smarter. I don't claim to be trying to 'overthrow' her or any nonsense like that. I just want acknowledgement when I'm right, like she gets when She's right.

    It's true, it is just a forum. It can be more if you make it so though. It can be a haven for antisocilas, a new family for people that want someone to talk to, good friends, you could even fall in love like me 0:). It's what you make of it, not a competition to be won or lost.

    It's silly to think that. I want you to get better so you can join in on more of the fun without being afriad of the color of a persons username. The fear and shyness dries up after a little while, you just have to try. :3
    I started out as a groupie too. It got old after I started to branch out a bit. I wanted to learn more and meet new people. Then I got on an old thread and people were so cool, and I really started talking to people. Then I made friends and started to talk a bit more here and there. I got flamed really bad before and people called me stupid and alot of those people are my friends now that they got to know me better. I started to realize that she wasn't so cool, and it kind of makes me sad that she treats people that way, especially her friends or people that look up to her.

    Ahah! So I'm not the only one that noticed! Thank you my dear, you have made my day!

    I already did something like that. I'm a bit shocked I'm not in as much trouble as I probably should be. If she offends people/negreps them unjustly though they should report it. Trust me, for all of Silh's jokes, he's actually a nice guy and he's a fair Admin. :3

    Just because she's a high ranking Platinum with big rep doesn't give her the right to treat others like dirt. You guys can be Platinums too someday too. :<
    I can tell.
    Yes He is a god, But I'd still think he could whoop your ass haha.

    I'mnot a rep whore I just receive rep form those who thought I earned it or just need to rep some.
    Yeah, the box is an enclosure. I don't know how it means ball either, it just does. xD Sometimes they can be so obscure. Thanks for the rep, btw.
    It looks like 'king' but it has another stroke making it 'ball':

    玉(たま)=ball and 王(おう)= king
    Wai thank you. I luv my Avvies and this one is special to me. <3

    What's this about Org Moogles? XD

    Cool. :D!

    It's awesome isn't it. I should bitch probably more if people like it that mich. XD

    Glad to help.
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