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  • im sorry, yeah i think you repped me, i just havent checked my CP yet.. sorry! D::
    m thanks for the friend request. some rep in return would be quite awesome too xD
    I agree; Viggo was great for that role, but he had way too many insecurities than the original Aragorn. In fact, I've actually heard that Peter Jackson had once approached the idea of the Mouth of Sauron being an attractive woman to tempt Aragorn. Bad idea. And I, along with all the other fans, love how the Mouth came out in the extended movie. I don't really like how didn't claim diplomatic immunity, as he did in the book, but I can understand the reasons why Jackson chose to stray away. Readers don't know what happened to Frodo at that point, whereas movie viewers are perfectly aware he's alive.
    As you did, I greatly enjoyed Jackson's films, and think he did a fantastic job with them. I don't really mind the omissions like Tom Bombadil, but I was pretty upset about how they portrayed Faramir as a self-centered jerk looking for his own personal gain, instead of the helpful guide that Frodo and Sam encountered in the books.
    I've read just about everything he's written, except for The War of the Ring and Sauron Defeated, both of which I'm going to recieve in the mail at any day.
    My favorite story of the Silmarillion would have to be either Beren One-Hand, Turin Turumbar, or when Morgoth and Ungoliant bring darkness to Valinor.
    I am indeed a great fan of Tolkien and all his works, both those taking place in Arda and those that don't. I guess that the reason that some people say it's hard to read because of the dialect used, combined with the massive scale at which it takes place.
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